Split Reel gives you movie reviews, lists and trailers of great and exciting films. Bringing you the hype and the love for classics and new releases. Based both in Helsinki (FIN) and Scotland (GLA) the blog is written by a 22 year-old university student (Anna Työrinoja) with a passion for lifechanging cinema. Split reel is where you go for an honest take on what you should be watching. They reel them out, we split them open.

Mostly focuses on Drama, Thrillers, Crime and Sci-Fi. Split reel is interested in what’s going on in the world of film (award seasons, casting, upcoming projects) and showing people which new releases to look out for. Trailers, Top-lists, Weekly Picks, Close Ups, Film Reviews, Articles, Blogathons included. If it’s worth seeing, I’ll let you know.

I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Favourite Directors

Paul Thomas Anderson – Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love, There Will Be Blood

Jacques Audiard – Sur Mes Lèvres, De Battre Mon Coeur S’est Arrêté, Un Prophète

Joel and Ethan Coen – Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Barton Fink, No Country For Old Men, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Man Who Wasn’t There

David Cronenberg – Spider, A History Of Violence, Eastern Promises, The Fly, Naked Lunch

David Fincher – Fight Club, Se7en, Zodiac, The Social Network

Michael Haneke – Caché, Funny Games, The Piano Teacher, The White Ribbon

Stanley Kubrick – 2001 : A Space Odyssey, Clocwork Orange, Lolita, The Killing, Full Metal Jacket

Spike Lee – Malcolm X, 25th Hour, Summer Of Sam, Clockers, Inside Man, Do The Right Thing

Caspar Noé – Irreversible, I Stand Alone, Enter The Void

Martin Scorsese – Goodfellas, The Departed, Shutter Island, Taxi Driver, Gangs Of New York, Casino, A Raging Bull, Mean Streets, Cape Fear

Andrey Tarkovskiy – Solaris, The Mirror, Andrei Rublev, Offret, Stalker

Guillermo del Toro – Hellboy, Hellboy II, Pan’s Labyrinth, Cronos

Lars von Trier – Antichrist, Dogville, Manderlay, Dancer In The Dark, Breaking The Waves

Thomas Vinterberg – Submarino, The Celebration, The Third Lie

Michael Winterbottom – 24 Hour Party People, A Cock And Bull Story, A Mighty Heart, The Killer Inside Me, Wonderland


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  1. Cool blog. Passion for cinema <3… I'll check back soon. I'm already Waiting for "Water for elephants" and The Tourist, of course. You'll meet… is on the list, too. Merry movie X-mas!

  2. I love the blog too. Spent the day reading it after you commented on a blog post of mine. I’m baffled as to how you came across it because no one else even reads it and I haven’t been as tenacious about keeping it up as I’d like, haha!

    Anyway, love your work!

  3. very informative and interesting blog, great coverage of life changing films – good to see a one stop coverage of films with deeper meaning. Will you be covering more independant first time films and dogme 95 films, would be great?

    • For sure, I plan on widening the coverage of film reviews, I’ve been now focusing only on premiers so .. Get ready to see more of a varied selection : –)

  4. I am the blog administrator for http://www.moviefanfare.com, a site for film lovers that focuses on all eras of cinema. Three times a week the site features guest posts from film blogs, and I was reading your site and feel that your posts would be a perfect match for MovieFanFare. Please look over the site at your leisure and tell me if this would interest you.).Natturally we would provide a link back to your blog (and, if applicable, your blog’s Facebook page) and provide a short bio if you supply it. The only changes we would make to your content would be adding any links we deem relevant to provide information to our readers (ex – links to our retail website or Wikipedia). Please let me know if you would like to participate, and if so we can arrange something.

  5. hi
    enjoying the glasgow film fest? i thinks its been good, seen howl, confessions, confessions of a dog, norwegian wood, detective dee, fair game, and today stakeland and In a better world, wondering if i can use with a link back to your post any of your gff reviews? I have one up for Oranges and sunshine it wasnt seen at glasgow i have 3 guys helping me with cinema reviews in london you can use that as its on thursday let me know, going to beyond, essential killing, animal kingdom,the shrine, territories,i saw the devil and eagle


  6. Psst… Just thought you’d like to know that I read your comment about AMORRES PEROS on the latest episode of my podcast, and even gave your blog a quick plug.

    Thanks for the comment!

      • Anytime. Speaking of that podcast, I have an idea I’m wondering if you’d be up for. Mind dropping me an email?


  7. Hey, this is a great blog. Just s[ent a good couple of hours reading it and will be reading it more in the future!

    Just started my own blog myself to document my IMDB Top 250 Challenge so decided to have a quick search to see what other blogs are out there and yours is by far the best.

    I’m also from Glasgow and I enjoyed you film festival blogs – I think it is a fantastic festival and shows some great little films.

    I’m looking forward to reading more in future.


    • Thanks so much for the compliments, and great to see a fellow Glaswegian (I’m not really one but I’d like to call myself an honorary Glaswegian haha)! I’ll add your blog to my blogroll, I’m very interested in these types of challenges. I’ve got that Empire 500 challenge that I set for myself, and plan on making more use of it during the summer now that I actually have time outside work (aka. no immediate need of study).

      • Super – thanks for listing me! Just been setting up my blog today so I have added you onto my Blogroll too.

        If you stay in Glasgow then I think that qualifies you as an honorary Glaswegian! lol. If you come accross any classic movies in the Empire 500 that are bizzarly missing from the IMDB Top 250 let me know.

  8. I love the aesthetic of your site. It’s very pleasing to read. I’ve been stopping by to read your 30 films posts and I really enjoyed your sci-fiction top 10. Maybe we can do a blog link exchange? I was also thinking about guest blogging to increase audience. If sometime you might be interested maybe we can create a small network of great film bloggers.

    Again, really well done blog.

  9. Haven’t popped by in a while and I thought I’d commend you on what you’ve done with the place. The blog looks excellent by the way and I’m more than a little bit jealous!

  10. Hey Anna,

    II had an idea I wanted to pitch to you involving a small movie round table over at Anomalous Material.

    If you’re interested and would like a few more details drop me an email. I’d love for you take to part.


  11. Im saying, this is fucking awesome. And Ive seen a lot of movie review sites, more than I can take. But this is the first one where I dont smell bias from the start. LOTR next to La Haine? No problem for you`? Good for me :-D This is a sure bookmark

  12. Hi Anna! I follow you on Twitter, and was wondering if you could take 6 minutes and watch my new short, ‘Briefcase!’ If you like it, I was hoping you could give us a review and/or tweet about it! Thanks so much!

    ‘Briefcase’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOQBj0gSVi8

    Nate Golon

  13. I’ve just found this and I have to say that Your blog is most entertaining and stylish I’ve seen for a long time about movies… I hope you don’t mind if our team every now and then makes a link or two to your informative, yet entertaining reviews. We don’t make reviews of our own at all… Help yourselves and check our little blog focusing on trailers and let us know if you disapprove.

    and a spin-off microblog on http://trailerteam.tumblr.com

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