13 Best Films of 2011

Another year of film has gone by, some say too fast, some say too slow. For me the year, was a kind of gap year; a year that kind of like the age of nineteen offers no interesting turns or twists. When 2010 turned out some exciting films (Inception, The Social Network) but left an ambivalent feeling in my movie-loving heart. 2011 was .. no different. There were no major releases that I was that excited to see (besides The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and X-Men) nor too intriguing character driven collections of fabulous actors (except for Drive, Take Shelter and A Dangerous Method). Some were successes, some were disappointments, and some I haven’t seen yet (DAMN YOU release dates).



We Need to Talk About Kevin

A Separation

The Guard


X-Men : First-Class

Le Havre



The Last Lions

Source Code

Jane Eyre


Runner-Ups : The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Incendies, Midnight in Paris.

Films I haven’t seen from 2011, that appear on other top lists and that I’m extremely interested in : Shame, The Artist, Take Shelter.

P.S. Come back in the next few days to check out the best NEW Tv-Shows of 2011, a preview of the upcoming film year and and some awards BUZZZ!


27 responses to “13 Best Films of 2011

  1. Nice list! There are a few I still need to see (namely We Need to Talk About Kevin and A Separation), but I am happy that both Drive and Moneyball were listed. They were two of my favorite movies from last year as well.

    • Thanks for reading Eric! I was going through the films that I’d seen this year and the Rotten Tomatoes top 100 to be surprised by the amount of non-2011 films on the RT list! I try stick to the original year of release with my list, too bad because some ‘foreign’ films (Gosh, I hate that word!) will always be left out and a Separation might for some be one of those.

  2. Mm, can’t wait to see “Warrior”, more of that Tom Hardy goodness. And Jane Eyre.. I love Michael Fassbender in a good film.
    Such as “Shame” which was close to pitch perfect!

    Should’ve opted for 13 instead of 10 Best of 2011 myself. Good films such as “Le Havre” and “Le gamin au vélo” were left out.
    Not happy!

    • This seems to have been the year for Fassbender hasn’t it!

      It’s really hard to narrow down especially when films are great in different ways like, Le Havre is a sympatethic indie when Source Code was IMO the best “action” film of the year!

  3. That’s a great list and although I have not seen all of them I agree on the ones I did see. Also have Melancholia and Warrior in my own top 10. We Need to Talk About Kevin and The Guard were my honorable mentions.

  4. Very eclectic, personal list – like X Men next to Le Havre – and those are always my favorite kind. Good stuff.

    And why can’t America get We Need To Talk About Kevin & A Separation already?! Damn you, release dates indeed.

    • Thanks Nick!
      Yeah, it’s ridiculous .. especially since all the Oscar films come out in Nov/Dec, how am I supposed to catch them all if they’re not out!

    • I loved loved loved it except for the last two minutes, but it still deserves a spot on my list for being absolutely the best action/blockbuster of the year!

  5. I don’t have an urge to see Melancholia or We Need to talk about Kevin, but I’ve heard good things. I saw most of the other films and I’m glad to see Warrior included. That movie made me feel great when I walked out of theater and should’ve been much more successful than it was.

    • It took me a while to get into We Need To Talk .. but in the end it’s very rewarding, especially if you have some sort of touching surface to the topic!

  6. I’m reading a lot of these top 2011 lists and I can’t help but feel it was a mediocre year for film…Hollywood film at that. I think the British film industry has produced some really good work during the last 12 months and I hope that continues into 2012.

    Nice to see The Guard on your list – I was particularly impressed with that one.

    • I have to agree, I’m not really impressed either. Only Drive, The Guard and Le Havre joined my all time favourites.
      Tinker Tailor was good too, I just don’t see it as something I’d be happy to watch again.
      Can’t wait to see Shame.

      Hollywood has really particular problems at the moment, mostly revolving around money and making more money and compromising quality over money and making safe bets, to insure gaining money.

      2012 looks more promising to me.
      Thanks for reading Dan!

  7. Great list Anna …

    Heard good things about Havre. Saw trailer for A Separation during the previews for A Dangerous Method.

    So love The Guard – what a gem of a picture :)

    I am mad about Kevin. Someone gave away the story for me.

    Still need to see Melancholia; will get there eventually.

    Yeah! Jane Eyre. Fassbender can (almost) do no wrong :)

  8. Fine list Anna. And definitely the first time I’ve seen X-Men First Class make a top 10/12 so far ;) I’m intrigued by Le Havre, A Separation and Snowtown, haven’t had a chance to see those yet.

    • Well I thought it was brilliant, so! : -) I mean, I understand it’s not the .. ‘most critically acclaimed’ or ‘respectable’ film out of the lot, but if we start doing these lists based on what we think should be on these lists, rather than what I enjoyed the most, well then wer’re on the wrong track.

  9. Some really good picks, though I’m not sure I agree that 2011 has been an average year. Quite the opposite: I think there were many wonderful releases, some of which I think will gain classic status. Check out my top 10 list and let me know what you think. http://wp.me/pXjev-3Z

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  11. Interesting list, I still have to see some titles from there, but nice to see the love for Warrior and Jane Eyre, they don’t show up so often! Also, you, too, like Fassbender, don’t you? :)

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  13. I missed a few of the films on here– I particularly would have liked to have seen A Separation and We Need to Talk About Kevin— but we still hit a few of the same notes nonetheless. Drive seems to be the most universal pick among most bloggers’ top ten of 2011 lists, and I can’t say that I’m that surprised– it’s really, really great.

  14. Wow. We’re film buddies. Superb list. esp. Drive, The Guard, Moneyball and A Separation! CHECK these 2011 films too: Bullhead, Superclasico, Headhunters and Turn me on Goddammit.

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