1001plus (US)
The story of one man’s odyssey of watching every movie ever contained in the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” series.

A Constant Visual Feast (US)
Movie and tv reviews, lists and musings by Andrew C.

A Life In Equinox
Funny, prolific with great features Univarn has some real insight on film.

Amiresque (CA)
Amir predicts the hell out of the Oscars and writes awesome reviews and articles.

Andy Buckle’s Film Emporium (AU)
An avid film buff, Andrew writes some of the best reviews out there. Great festival coverage and a kickass Top 100 Films list.

Anomalous Material (US)
The godfather of all film blogs. An insipiration to all the moviebloggers out there!

blah blah blah gay (AU)
A movie review blog where Toby shares his love for films (excellent ones at that!).

Bonjour Tristesse (CA)
Highlighting foreign, cult, and independent cinema that many might not be aware of. My go to for independent.

Okinawa Assault (CA)
… and the quest to see everything. Great personal writing style.

Celluloid Zombie (UK)
With great reviews, features and design CZ is one of my favourite movie blogs out there! A committed interest in the devouring of movies, and sharing that appetite with all.

Cinefiliaa (FI)
One of the best Finnish movie blogs out there, great insight on the world of film. In Finnish.

Cinehouse (UK)
Cinehouse is the Little Brother of The People’s Movies Blog, covering the independent, Arthouse, International (as well as classic) movie genres.

Cinema Romantico (US)
Movie reviews with a passion from the Windy City.

Cinematic Paradox (NZ)
LAMMY’s Best New Lamb 2011 is a fantastic review blog. Punching way beyond her years, Stevee has a great point of view on the art of film.

Cut The Crap Movie Reviews (US)
One of the best review blogs there is, CTCMR does what it says, gives out no bullshit opinions on the newest releases.

Cynicritics (US)
Great unapologetic reviews by two young guns from Michigan.

Defiant Success (US)
Another review site with focus on film and books. Great reviews of classics.

Duke and the Movies (US)
Sam’s got great focus on current and classic film and awesome movie match-ups.

Empire’s 5-star 500 (UK)
A daunting challenge (not unlike my new year’s resolution), but a very interesting one! This blog goes through those films that’ve gotten 5-stars in Empire Magazine. Some are surprising.

Eternity of Dream (UA)
Fellow ‘European’ blogger on the US/CA/AU dominated scene, Lesya’s blogging ranges from classics to new releases.

Feminising Film
A unique, great blog. Talking films from a feminist point of view.

Filmplicity (UK)
Movie talk with a northern accent. A recent discovery for me has become an absolute favourites. A go-to for great articles on film!

Filmwatch (US)
Hottest movie news and rumours through blog links!

Flixchatter (US)
Great news, reviews and articles with classic and romantic twist.

Four Of Them
Simon didn’t win Funniest Writer at the 2011 Lammy’s for nothing!

Franz Patrick’s Film Archive (US)
An aspiring medical doctor who loves the movies. Franz reviews some really interesting finds!

French Toast Sunday
Sleeker than sleek podcast and blog!

Front Room Cinema (UK)
Custard’s Front Room is a varied, interesting blog with some of the best features out there.

Go, See, Talk!
Three guys talk movies, scores and more!

i luv cinema (US)
Another review blog working from love of cinema.

Impassioned Cinema (US)
Max’s reviews are spot on! Many of my movie news come from here. Awesome blog!

Life and Death in L.A.
One of the coolest blogs out there, L.A. focuses on crime on film (where it should be).

Man, I Love Films
The best collaborative effort out there, Man, I Love Films is definitely in my top 5 favourite blogs! Check out the hilariously named and equally funny MILFCast!

Movie Reviews By Tom Clift (AU)
Some of the best reviews out there.

An awesome go-to for all things hip, movies and songs.

My Filmviews (NL)
The films reviewd on this blog are always exciting, great, varied choices. I’ve found so many new films on here!

Next Projection (CA)
Love the reviews at Next Projection, they’re compact and on the nose. Best design out there.

No You Girls Never Know (FI)
One of the more fun entertainment blogs in Finland, this is my go-to for new music in Finland’s blogosphere. In Finnish.

Perspective on Pop Culture (US)
Insighful view on the world of entertainment.

Pick ‘n’ Mix Flix
Truly lives up to its name by showcasing reviews ranging from the old to the new, from the classic to the modern, the great and the worse.

PG Cooper’s Movie Reviews
I’ve read some of my favourite reviews on PG Cooper. Great insight on characters.

Review Avenue (UK)
Yet another collaborative effort, Review Avenue is a great database for all new releases. Check out Cult De Sac!

Screen Fever (SCO)
Film journalist Paul Gallagher, fellow Glaswegian, does awesome reviews and features. Support Scotland!

The Blog of Big Ideas
With a varied selection of topics, I’ve read some really thoughtprovoking stuff here. Intelligent writing and great reviews!

The Couch Potato Club (US)
A haven for those proudly supplanted on their couch.

The Documentary Blog (CA)
The best docu-blog out there.

The Droid You’re Looking For (US)
One of the funniest, most unique blogs out there. If you’re not reading this you’re missing out, dude!

The Film Locker (CA/UK)
A great podcast by Hatter (The Dark of the Matinee) and Simon from Screen Insight.

The Final Girl Project (CA)
Great reviews, great design, great genres.

The King Bulletin (US)
Danny King has something to say. And what he says is pretty goddamn awesome. Great picks, reviews and news.

The Matinee (CA)
Ryan McNeil’s surmountably pioneering blog with the coolest podcast out there (The Matineecast) is a blog most filmbloggers aspire to be like. An inspiration!

The People’s Movies blog (UK)
Cinehouse’s bigbro. A go-to for news and trailers.

Top 10 Films (UK)
The best movie lists out there. Period.

Ultimate Reviews
Another collaboration that’s been extremely fruitful. Interesting reviews and features.

you can observe a lot just by watching (SCO)
Edinburgh based Mark Davidson has some real writing talent. Great podcast too.

You Killed The Car (UK)
Fellow Islander writes some of the funniest and cleverest stuff out there. Definitely wort a visit (or three)!


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