Brace yourselves … Christmas is coming!

1. Harry Potter: The Complete 1-8 Film Collection – Limited Numbered Edition (Blu-ray + DVD)
Like it or not, the Harry Potter saga has ended with a triumph, Deathly Hallows pt. 2 being one of the freshest films of the year. The limited Blu-ray collection is obviously the mega-geek’s choice. My new massive HD tv is craving for it.

2. Senna (DVD)
This year’s best documentary film is a must-see for all sports fans.

3. Movie T-Shirts
Always a good choice for a movie buff, movie t-shirts need not be literal. Nerdoh and others have great collections of insider movie t-shirts.

4. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Book)
I try to read a book before I see the film and since Fincher’s version of this Swedish crime novel is coming out this month, it’s a great buy for someone who doesn’t mind a remake.

5. Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Blu-ray)
Star Wars is essential to everyone’s collection and the remastered Blu-ray pack from earlier this year is drool-worthy.

If you want to check out Split Reel’s Christmas-list from last year, you can find it here!

What’s on your Christmas list?


21 responses to “Brace yourselves … Christmas is coming!

  1. Nice list, Anna! Man I REALLY want to see SENNA so bad, that one has been getting great reviews all over. Well my Christmas list this year is mostly Gregory Peck movies I can get my hands on :)

  2. I have so many Blu-Rays on my wish list in Amazon that I would like to buy it’s getting ridiculous. If only I made a little more money…..

    I am waiting for a definitive collection on Kubrick’s movies that contains all of his films and not just some. I don’t think it exists yet.

    I also want the Band of Brothers box set. Buy it for me? lol


  3. I’d really like a surround sound system so I can get better audio out of my blu-rays…but I might just have to go buy that for myself after Christmas.

    Movie-wise, I’m hoping for copies of SUPER 8 and the Criterion 12 ANGRY MEN.

    I also wouldn’t mind a few gift certificates to my favorite theatre (The Lightbox) as it seems to be my second home these days.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Nice Christmas list Anna! I already bought me the HP complete set a month ago ah! I guess I could use one of those big flat TV and a blu-ray player to get with the times. I’m still watching DVD’s on my little antic TV :)

  5. Great list. As ruth knows (:-)) I have the LE HP set.
    I don’t actually have a list as such for the holidays. But if it had to be something I’d go go big like money towards a trip to a film festival or something.

  6. I don’t feel right doing a christmas list. I think I wish for too much most of the time. I guess as far as films go I wanted the 12 Angry Men Blu-ray and Dr.Who Season 6, but I don’t know if Santa will bring them my way or not. Once Senna comes out on Blu-ray in America I’d like to pick it up.

  7. I wouldn’t mind getting Deathly Hallows part 2 on blu-ray for Christmas. Then again…trading in the DVDs for the blu-ray set would be even better!

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