The Oscar’s Trailer + Born to Link

Does everyone else find Billy Crystal funny but me? I mean, if this trailer masterpiece is what he came up with, I’m not convinced. They should get the Clooney to host it next year.


Andy Buckle sums up nicely what I thought of J. Edgar as well. The ingredients are there but fall unfortunately stale. Eastwood y u no make better J.Edgar film?

Sebastian Gutierrez from Films from the Supermassive Black Hole works his vlog magic on Sundance.

I’m not going to speculate that much on the Oscar noms this year, just because they left me quite underwhelmed and speechless. Scott on the other hand had many a thing to say of the two battling it out this year, Hugo and The Artist. Two films that before the end of the year no one saw as contenders.

If you are unfamiliar with Von Trier’s work (whatever you might think of him personally, he’s still one the most interesting directors out there) Surrender to the Void does an incredible recap of the guy’s oeuvre.

5 new official pictures of The Avengers at Reel Bits.


8 responses to “The Oscar’s Trailer + Born to Link

  1. From what I remember of him hosting (which isn’t much), the trailer seems a lot like what he used to do. I remember his opening (at least part of it) being a essentially a short film where he parodies nominated movies (an some that weren’t).

    At least they’re sticking with having a comedian host. I think some of the better hosts have always been the ones that were stand ups and successfully played to big venues before.

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