22½ of the Most Anticipated Films of 2012

I understand that not everyone thought of 2011 as a mediocre film year, and that’s fair enough. 6 films made it to the IMDB 250 (which unlike the RT Top 100 I find a reliable assurance of quality for a film), A Separation, Warrior, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Hugo, Drive and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Three of these were featured in my top 13 here. Harry Potter I believe is representing the whole series with its rating.

For me there were few films that got my heart racing last year, a shame that is. But if there’s anything that should bring you back up from the despair that the low quality of last year’s films has taken you to, that’s looking at this preview list. Not once have I been this excited about the upcoming movie year. I present to you the most interesting, intriguing titles opening in 2012 :

The Dark Knight Rises

Let’s face it after Nolan’s previous installation and Heath Ledger’s legendary performance as the Joker there’s not one film fan out there who isn’t eager to see who the Batman-trilogy ends. With new, interesting additions to the cast (Hathaway, Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, Cotillard) and the oldies but goodies this classy and dark blockbuster will surely bring in the crowds.


Ridley Scott. Damon Lindelof, Jon Spaiths. Rapace, Fassbender, Theron, Wilson, Elba, Pearce.

Actually .. I’ll just let the trailer speak for its self.

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey

It took many a failed attempts to get this show on the road. Directors abonded the massive project and the burden of fandom fell again to the shoulders of Peter Jackson. He didn’t want to give the go ahead before the only one who could play Bilbo was on board. Now it’s all come together and filming has started in New Zealand. Best Christmas present ever?

Django Unchained

The only, the original QT hooks up with JGL, DiCaprio, L. Jackson, Waltz, Baron Cohen, Foxx, Kerry Washington and others to the Missisippi plantations. I excpect nothing less than classic Tarantino madness.

Total Recall

If it previously starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and it was still awesome, and now you throw in some Irish charm and Bryan Cranston, what could go wrong?

Gangster Squad

Even though I’m usually opposed to the ‘let’s get a hundred awesome guy actors and one woman’ thing, this group might just be the coolest group ever put together. Gosling and Stone showed their chemistry already this year, but now they have Penn, Brolin, Nolte, Ribisi and Mackie to play off of.

The Great Gatsby

Surprisingly this classic book has never been made into a film worthy of its source. With Baz Luhrmann at the helm and DiCaprio and Mulligan starring they’ve already created a major buzz. You still remember Tobey Maguire? He’s in it too. So is my new favourite actor (did you see Warrior? Brilliant) Joel Edgerton.

Life of Pi

Looks like Maguire will have a busy year. He’s also starring in Ang Lee’s Life of Pi. You know, Life of Pi? That book that everyone reads on airplanes too look intellectual.

Cogan’s Trade

Brad Pitt is burning out some aggression in 2012. Who doesn’t like mob films? It also stars Tony Soprano (oh he actually has a real name .. Gandolfini) and Ray Liotta. RAY LIOTTA! HOW THE FUCK IS THAT FUNNY? DO YOU THINK RAY LIOTTA’S FUNNY?


I’ve not once in my life been this excited about an animated film (maybe right before I went to see Hercules in the cinema when I was .. shy of 10). Maybe it’s just me being biased about the awesome country that is Scotland but rarely does Disney Pixar go wrong and Brave looks like the older sister of How To Train Your Dragon, which has been my favourite “kid’s” film in the past few years.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Because we needed a Spiderman reboot. Well not really but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are kind of cute together. To be honest I don’t know what to think of this. I mention because well, I’ll be excited anyway. I’ll probably get excited about The Avengers too at some point. Not yet though, not yet.


Skyfall is the new Bond film. ‘Nuff said.


LOOK at that face! In all seriousness .. This film is about Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day Lewis!!), and his first son (JGL!!). And it’s by Steven Spielberg! And it has Jackie Earle Haley and Tommy Lee Jones! And Lee Pace, James Spader and Sally Fields! And John Hawkes and Hal Holbrook and Jared Harris! And I could go on! But I’ve already used too many exclamation points! (!)

Les Misérables

We already known that Hugh Jackman is the all singing, all dancing wonder from down under but if you ever wanted to watch Russell Crowe do jazz hands here’s your chance. Ok, there’s no jazz hands involved, but there is singing. I really hope Crowe pulls himself out of this career gutter he’s been in. Les Misérables also start Bonham Carter and Hathaway, and it’s directed by Oscar-winning director (biggest BS price ever IMO) Tom Hooper.

World War Z

Brad Pitt bring the apocalypse to Glasgow, sorry I meant Philadelphia. Jack Sheperd, sorry Matthew Fox (who finally found a role worthy of his time ..) helps out. There’s also David Morse and the lovely Mireille Enos, in Glasgow, sorry I meant Pittsburgh. Okay I don’t remember where it’s actually set but it was the most exciting thing for Glasgow that they shot a few scenes in the city centre.

The Five-Year Engagement

I’m not known for my love for comedy, but I do love Jason Segel and he’s written this bad boy. Also, I find Emily Blunt quite charming in a Queen’s English kind of way.


I have no idea what this is except that it’s a heist movie (YAY) and Alan Rickman, Cammy Diaz, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci are signed up. That’s enough for me.

Untitled Terrence Malick Project

Terrence has apparently found his inspiration late in his career, but I’m not complaining. If we just loose some of the smugness and world-hugging I’m toot this horn hard. Three of the most beautiful women in the world star: McAdams, Weisz and Chastain. That’s reason enough for me to see this.


Just me?
The good guys dress in black, remember that,
Just in case we ever face to face and make contact.
The title held by me… M.I.B.
Means what you think you saw, you did not see.
So don’t blink,
Think what was there but now’s gone.
Black suit with the black Ray Ban’s on.
Walk in shadow, move in silence,
Guard against extra-terrestrial violence.
But yo we ain’t on no government list.
We straight don’t exist,
No names and no fingerprints.
Saw something strange,
Watch your back.
Cause you never quite know where the M.I.B.’s is at!


Two words: Mila Kunis.

The Bourne Legacy

Expect to see Jeremy Renner everywhere this year, just don’t party with him in Thailand. I don’t know how hardcore fans of the Damon-trilogy are taking this quite early reboot, but if it means the return of Edward Norton I’m lining up for the tickets.

Moonrise Kingdom

Speaking of Ed Norton he’s teaming up with Wes Andersson in a romantic drama. This year’s Oscar winner (I’ve got my money bet) Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel support.


38 responses to “22½ of the Most Anticipated Films of 2012

  1. Love your list(I am eagerly waiting for Gangster Squad, Moonrise Kingdom,Les Miserables, Amazing Spider man, Great Gatsby, too) and I would add one more- On the road! It will apparently premiere in Cannes and I think it will be great, I can’t wait to see it!

    • That was actually on my mind when I was thinking about this list but it slipped so, good point! I like Kerouac’s book and against all reason and better opinions I like Kirsten Stewart so .. Anothe Stewart film which actually looks quite awesome (mostly due to Theron) is coming up in the summer.

  2. The only ones I wish I could’ve included in my top 5 were Spider-Man and Skyfall. I will be checking those out. No we don’t need a spider-man reboot and it might end up boring…but I think they picked great actors for the reboot.

  3. I’m just waiting Will Smith’s new MIB theme song. The first one is a classic and the one in the sequel is actually pretty catchy too.

    It’s also nice to see The Five-Year Engagement on a list too. Jason Segel might be the best comedian right now and the trailer was pretty good in my opinion. Might be a surprise hit.

  4. Nice list, I’m with you for Hobbit, Bond, The Dark Knight Rises .

    Life of Pi I actually read based on awards it won, and thought was a mess, I may just take a look, though.
    Will be darn near impossible for Malick to top Tree of life, but I’m on board!

    As I did in 2011, I plan to browse through the Toronto mini-guide list on imdb, and upcoming Sundance film festival list, and add promising films to my to-see-list on my blog.

    The Before Sunrise fan in me wants to see Julie Delpy in 2 Days in New York (2011). I’ve also taken a liking to the trailers of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (with U2 song), and Lasse Hallström’s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

    A 2011 movie that got my heart racing was The Skin I live in, I was expecting something slow and European, but it has more of a Hollywood pacing. Recommended!

    I just posted a similar anticipated list, for 2012 in music, you’re an Of Montreal fan, right? ( :

    • Thanks Chris!

      Yeah wasn’t that impressed by the book either me!

      I didn’t care that much of Tree of Life as a film so I’m hoping for actual plot this time!

      Oh cool, a sequel for 2 Days in Paris! Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know there was one.

      Haha … slow and “European” I don’t really know what that means (or kind of do..) but wouldn’t use the phrase :D I liked the Skin I just prefer almost all of Almodovar’s other films so .. didn’t make my best of list! It was exciting though!

      Will be checking out your music post now!

  5. I really hope Gangster Squad can elevate Josh Brolin to being a legitimate star. I think he deserves it so much.

    Also, that picture of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman just can’t get old.

    • I know! I still say .. despite Heath Ledger’s Joker being legendary I think Brolin was sneaked from his Oscar for Milk that year.

      Have actually grown to like Hathaway a lot!

      • Yes!!!! Thank you for saying that!!!! I will contend that for the rest of my days (no disrespect to Heath) that Brolin deserved that Oscar more. I’m just always afraid of saying it out loud for fear of someone trying to do me bodily harm.

  6. Ah! Finally someone who mentions Terrence Malick untitled movie! :D I’m looking forward most to that movie so hopefully, it does come out in 2012. I certainly can’t wait to see something that has been described as “The Tree of Life on steroids”.

  7. Great list and post!

    There are some very interesting cast ensembles coming our way this year. I mean, when you have another Tarantino film with Di Caprio, Waltz, Baron Cohen and Gordon-Levitt, only a fool would not be excited about the prospect of this.

    I had not heard of Prometheus. Even though Ridley Scott is a hit or miss for me, I consider him most comfortable with sci-fi, having been the mastermind behind two classics like Blade Runner and Alien. I also don’t believe Fassbender and Charlize Theron would both sign up to this if it were to be a bust.

    I’m very excited about “Gangster Squad” with that superb cast, which I hope amounts to more than the new Ocean films. Also looking forward to “The Great Gatsby” with DiCaprio in the lead and “Lincoln” with the always amazing Daniel Day Lewis.

    The most obvious choice in the list being “The Dark Knight Rises”, which could be, once again, the box-office smash hit of the year.

    We’ll see about “The Hobbit”, I have some hesitation after the incredible (and unlikely) success story that the LOTR series was.


  8. Thanks for that list, there’s a few here that I haven’t heard of before. It’s looking like 2012 is going to be another amazing year in film. My two most anticipated films are Michael Haneke’s Amour and Wong Kar Wai’s The Grandmasters.

  9. Half of your list shows up on my own. Boffo!

    I think I’ve spoken about Epic Batman Movie and Epic Marvel Superhero Movie too much, but for me the long and short of it is that I’m really burning out on superheroes in general. That half-explains why I’m not as excited for The Amazing Spider-Man, either (the other half is that I just plain think it looks bland from all of the promo material released thus far). Mostly I’m invested in seeing all three since I’ve seen all of the other films relating to or leading up to the newest ones. It’s not that I only want to see them out of obligation, but obligation is probably the biggest reason that I’ll watch them all.

    The Hobbit looks like the closest thing to a universal pick for “most anticipated of 2012” that we have.

    Good choice with The Five Year Engagement! The trailer for that actually had me laughing pretty hard and for me underscores just why Emily Blunt is one of the most versatile and talented actresses working today. She’s sassy, she’s pretty, she’s funny, she’s smart, and she’s willing to take a frigging arrow to the leg. That’s commitment.

    The reasoning you outline for Gangster Squad is the exact sort that has me growing less and less interested in seeing it.

    And– Cogan’s Trade! Yes! I’m not alone on this one!

    • I’ll never get bored of superheroes. I’m still looking for that really great film adaptation of Superman. Not too excited about the Spiderman reboot, simply because I don’t really understand it. But, I mean, for me saying I’d be sick of superheroes is saying like I’m sick of drama or action films.

      Yes, nerds everywhere have massive .. expectations of The Hobbit! I hope it delivers.

      Arrow to the knee?

      How can anyone be opposed to a group of such caliber as Gangster Squad? Don’t get it Andrew..

      • Yeah, in the trailer Blunt takes a crossbow bolt in the leg. It’s hysterical, it comes out of nowhere. My only worry is that it’s something that should have been kept out of marketing just for surprise value, but I think they just want to make it clear what kind of movie they’re selling. Maybe.

        As far as Gangster Squad, too many stars can be overwhelming for any film. The casting to me also sort of feels like Fleischer throwing every name he can think of at us almost recklessly. I’m not opposed to it, but I’m already exhausted by just writing a small paragraph about it.

      • Hah, was just trying to make a Skyrim joke : -)

        I see what you mean, but the cast has different strengths so I think GS could be delicious.

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