Trailer time! Pt. 6 : I think it’s Oscar season…

Every year the film season picks up its pace in November and December, just in time to remain fresh in the minds of Academy voters. No harm in that really, since it means many a film to watch during your Christmas holiday. (It does also mean that there’s a lot less quality film throughout the year, but who’s counting right?) Here’s a few that might actually tickle your fancy.

Does anyone have doubts who’ll win the Female lead Oscar in 2012? Streep’s absolutely the darling of the Academy, and now that she’s taking on the Iron Lady we’ll probably see the Awards perpetuate old habits by rewarding this transformative performance. Opens on the 6th of January in the UK.

Already out in the US, us mere Europeans will have to wait untill the change of the year to catch Leo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover. Despite the unstellar reviews, DiCaprio is going to get a nomination. The Male lead- category seems to be boasting with talent though, hopefully presenting Pitt, Fassbender and Gosling nominations for their best work so far.

Whatever you might think of ‘remakes’, there’s no denying the buzz surrounding Fincher’s take on the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Rooney Mara seems to be in good shape, Craig most often brings it in his dramatic, action-less roles, and the supporting cast bustles with gems. I mean it’s Fincher. Have I ever been dissapointed with what he’s done? No. (Well slightly with Button but … we can all agree 2008 was pretty tame all in all!) Were the original movies great? No. Boxing day baby!

Shame on you who does not yet appreciate Michael Fassbender. He is officially the breakthrough actor of the year, even though he’s been shining bright for years. Let’s just hope Mulligan’s overappriciated ass doesn’t get nommed as a drag along. We need not see her in every major film of 2012.

Indie-douchebaggery at its best. It’s honestly what it is. Pretentious. But then again, it stars Jeremy Piven, so what else can it be? I Melt With You is a on hell of a midlife crisis in one film.

What film are you most excited about before the end of the year?


10 responses to “Trailer time! Pt. 6 : I think it’s Oscar season…

  1. Out of all of those I have been lucky enough to see SHAME. Fassbender is very talented and gifted too (if you know what I mean)

    I would love to see it get some awards, it is in my top 3 of the year!

  2. Meryl Streep is about to solidify her stature as the best actress out there right now. She looks to have Thatcher right on the money. Even though I can’t stand the woman, I’m sure this will be a great film.

    • Yep, I’ve seen a TV version, Margaret, where Lindsay Duncan hit it over the head. But what I’ve seen from the teaser, Streep is not far from being better.

  3. The Swedish Tattoo movies rode into the source material’s melodrama. I hope that Finch’s underhanded (to long to explain why I used that word) directing style adds subtlety to the gory subject matter.

    • I didn’t find the Swedish ones to be that good. I mean they were fine but so many better crime films have come out of Sweden that by comparison they were just ok. I’m actually quite excited for this.

  4. Dying to see Shame. Hunger made McQueen an instant “must see” director, and I think Fassbender’s quickly becoming one of the most ubiquitous and talented actors of the day.

    After that…I don’t like the way The Iron Lady plays. That trailer doesn’t have the same spirit to it as the other one, which basically sells the film as a plucky, upbeat story about a woman striving to succeed in a male-dominated field. If the film is honest about Thatcher, I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but everything about it screams “fluff piece” to me. Largely that’s the impression I got from J. Edgar‘s trailer, too.

    Dragon looks awesome. And I hated the original film. (And haven’t read the book.) Bring that one on.

    • I’m glad that there’s someone else who wasn’t impressed by the Swedish Dragon effort. It got blown way out of proportion because for non-Nordic audiences it felt new. For me it was really stale.

      And have to agree with you .. McQueen and Fassie are quite the pair.

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