Watch This ! Hesher (2010)

Life is like walking in the rain… you can hide and take cover or you can just get wet.

At times super-rude, but still warm, Hesher proves something I’ve known for a while: JGL is _the_ man. A skinny, nerdy man but man nonetheless.

And, Rainn Wilson is in it. Bears, beets, Battlestar Galagtica.


10 responses to “Watch This ! Hesher (2010)

  1. JGL is ridiculously talented. I saw him do a rockin’ duet w/ Jimmy Fallon where he impersonated Axl Rose perfectly! He might as well do his biopic too with this look, ahah.

  2. He does a good job playing Hesher, I also liked the kid, who does a great job, especially when he’s mad.
    As for the film in itself goes, I was not too fond of it. I believe it could have been so much better but it ends up trying too hard to be “indie”. I’ll leave it at that.


    • Not the biggest fan of Portman, so wouldn’t give her high marks. Wilson on the other hand, brilliant as usual!

      Yep, just watched 50/50! Will do a write-up today hopefully.

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