What you should be watching on TV this season (2011-2012)

Considering the amount of television I watch, I find it strange that I’ve barely mentioned any shows on here. There’s been a few BSG references, Firefly references (just because I’m a geek, right?) but current tv shows rarely make it on to Split Reel posts. Well, sure, it’s a film blog, but nowadays with the rising quality of television writing and extremely interesting synopses, I thought I’d brush up on some of the shows you should be watching during the 2011-2012 season.

The Walking Dead

Based on one of the best comic series of all time (by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore) The Walking Dead‘s strength lies in its ability to attract audiences outside its zombie apocalypse niche. The second series has a completely new writing staff, but by the look of last night’s premiere there seems to be no way but up for this 2010 surprise hit. An incredible production, with a interesting cast and film-level effects, TWD is a must-see for everyone.


There’s no denying that season 5 of Dexter wasn’t the strongest of series, but BOY’O does season 6 look yummy; if you can call a show about a serial killer killing serial killers that. With the addition of hero Edward James Olmos and as this season’s ‘big bad’, it looks like John Lithgow‘s throne is about to be snatched.

How To Make It In America

Now that we’ve finally seen the end to the enormous douchebaggery that was Entourage, I think it’s time to fill up hearts and minds with a cooler, more casual bromance. How To Make It in America follows an x number of dudes trying to make it in NEW YORK, NEW YOOOOOOOOOOOORK. Worth just for the namedropping and scenery. Very few new shows have made me laugh out loud, but How To is one of them.


What started out as an X-Filesesque procedular has turn out to be the most rewarding show on tv at the moment. Fringe-fans made the show outrun its stint at the timeslot of death to the service of humanity. The biggest and most amazing cliffhanger of last year leads us into season 4 of this great sci-fi show with a mastermind production team. JJ ABRAMS FTW.

Sons of Anarchy

Samcro is back! If there’s anything as tough, cool or heartracing as SOA on tv, I don’t know about it. With balls the size of Texas, the show is led by the boss of all things awesome, Ron Perlman, and it features Katey Sagal and Charlie Hunnam. It has guns, motorcycles, sex, families, love, a Scotsman, sons, daughters, old ladies, the FBI, sheriffs, shootouts; what more do you need?

Honourable Mentions :
The Good Wife, The Office, Modern Family.


14 responses to “What you should be watching on TV this season (2011-2012)

  1. I might get different shows here compared to where you are, but my favorite currently airing shows are:

    Modern Family
    Walking Dead
    Boardwalk Empire

    I enjoy Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones too, but those aren’t airing.

    • I go by the US schedule! I can’t be arsed to wait weeks for something that’s already on.

      Boardwalk, Mad Men and Game are on my list but there’s something about all of them that makes me unable to push through. Have Mad Men on DVD even hah.

  2. Great list of tv-shows. I’m watching TWD, Dexter, Fringe and SOA too. TWG got a good premiere last night and I think the show is getting better and better. Dexter seems also to be more interesting than couple of previous seasons were. As you mentioned, the “big bad” is certainly more interesting.

    On the other hand, I’m not sure if I like this new style in Fringe as much as you do, but it does keep the show interesting.

    SOA:s new season is definately an improvement comparing it’s last season. Danny Trejo is worth a mention here :), he fits into the show.

    I was a little bit surprised that you haven’t seen GoT. It has really been a big deal recently. Boardwalk Empire is one of my favorites also :). Supernatural, Homeland and Terra Nova are also some shows that I follow. Terra Nova is really proving to be a potential that was not used.

    Keep posting about tv :)!

    • Dexter’s newes episode’s ending was unbelievable! I’m waiting for the moment when all the storylines intertwine, that’s when the show is at its best.

      I like that Fringe sometimes seems infuriating, at least they’re challenging the audience, which is not something I can say about a lot of films..

      I will, thanks for reading! :- )

  3. I do love a TV show.

    I watch regularly year in year out…

    Fringe, Supernatural, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Blue Bloods, Warehouse 13

    I am sure there are more too


  4. Nice list, I especially enjoy The Walking Dead. Also glad that it differs from the graphic novels. I notice one glaring omission on your list where is The Jersey Shore? :-0

  5. My limited experience with How to Make it in America gave me the same impression of douchebaggery broicism that made the last few seasons or so of Entourage so hard to deal with. Maybe I’ll give it a second look but I’m not seeing them as being any more irritating as Vincent Chase and his troupe of parasites.

    I’ve got Walking Dead DVR’d and the first episode is ready to go. I’ll watch it tomorrow. I’m hearing things on two ends of the spectrum– it’s good!/it’s awful!– but I want to give it a shot anyways.

    I’m curious to watch Grimm. Curious. That’s all so far. I don’t have high hopes for it.

    Apart from that I’m really just waiting for S2 of Thrones to roll around.

    • It could be that I was that super bored with everything when I watched HTMIA for the first time that anything would entertain me, but IMO it’s still one the funniest ‘lifestyle’ shows out there .. even if that’s not saying much : – )

      I think it’s funny how there’s only been 6 episode of the Walking Dead and it’s been hailed as one of the best episodes ever. I mean all of the best shows have more mediocre episodes. I guess it already has super high expectations anyway.

      Haven’t heard of Grimm! But it seems to have a very solid 8,6 in Imdb so..

  6. Glad to hear you’re a big fan of BSG, too, Anna. I haven’t got time to follow any shows this season, though I might try to catch Person of Interest tomorrow night, starring Jim Caviezel. That one looks good. I don’t have cable so a lot of the shows I’m curious about (i.e. Game of Thrones) would have to wait ’til it’s available to rent. I don’t like watching stuff on my computer.

    • OOO I’m excited for Person of Interest and Prime Suspect, since I am a massive fan of procedurals! Have the episodes downloaded but haven’t had the time to catch up!

      You don’t like watching stuff on your computer! : – O


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