The World in Film Blogathon : A Slice of Life in …

The Great Movie Project presents The World In Film- Blogathon 9.-12.9.2011. The mission here was to, and I quote, make a list of seven films, one film that was set, filmed or made in each of the seven continents, Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia (and I thought it was Oceania .. FIFA you fool!), Europe, North-America and South America. Here are my picks, seven recent gems you might have missed from around the world, under the the theme A Slice Of Life….

Of Gods and Men (2010), set in an impoverished Algerian community, tells the story of a group of Trappist monks. Based on a true story, this moving tale of hope and belief depicts the last days of faithful men.

Encounters at the End of the World (2007) leaves us face to face with an extreme life at the farthest end of the world. Those men and women who have left their life in order to examine the vast, empty and tremendously beautiful unknown show their unexcepted and unbelievable everyday ways.

2046 (2004) follows in the footsteps of Wong’s previous installation, In the Mood for Love. More than a film, 2046 is a mood, a collection of people. Both futuristic and retro, at the centre of the film is the love story of Mr. Chow and Bai Ling.

Eagle Vs. Shark (2007), is a quirky Kiwi hit of two socially akward misfits, exploring family, relationships and love. With a Flight of the Conchords flavour, it’s laugh out loud and heartwarming guaranteed!

Ne Le Dis à Personne (2006) follows Alexandre, a pediatrician who lost his wife years ago due to a brutal crime, gets caught up in a nightmare where other bodies start showing up. Front-row European thriller, with amazing character development.

Away From Her (2006) is, dare I say it, the adult Notebook. One of the best things to come out of Canada in recent years, this moving film of Altzheimer’s leaves the viewer with a lingering feeling of loss, but also with an inkling of hope.

Sin Nombre (2009) is Cary Fukunaga’s brilliant debut feature set in Honduras and Mexico. With a solid research background Fukunaga tells the story of two young people in the midst of an organized crime war.


10 responses to “The World in Film Blogathon : A Slice of Life in …

  1. I’m beginning to think that I’m the only person who hasn’t seen Sin Nombre as part of this blog-a-thon :). I’m going to have to add it to my list. Thanks for participating, Anna!

    • It’s really weird isn’t it ! I mean I had two other films on my list before that and was switching it up constantly ! Great minds think alike huh? Thanks for hosting Alan!

  2. I had thought about including Encounters at the End of the World as well but opted not to at the last minute. Great minds think alike I guess. :)

    Good call on Away from Her, fantastic film

  3. great idea. really makes you realize cinema is truly worldwide! i feel bad sometimes for not focusing some of my cinema-going energies on films from regions i am not too familiar with. asia is quite popular but i have not even touched the surface of the trove of films from that continent.

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