123 Films Everyone Should See + Ciné Round-Up + Links are sooo 2010…

I’ve just started to work on Split Reel’s 123 Films Everyone Should See feature. It will be up in page form during .. September (let’s say September and not in the next couple of weeks, because well, I’m lazy and I think I’m getting a cold! Ah, bienvenue les excuses..) A collection of classics, independent cinema, 123 Films will represent the type of cinema I enjoy, and think you would (at least you should) too. Based on favourites rather than the best the list will probably be a bit 90s and 00s-centric since I am .. young and not the biggest classic movie fan. There are other movie blogs out there that know more, enjoy it more. I’ll keep you updated.

Espoo Ciné is over!

During the 10 days festival, I got to see 14 pretty cool films, some better, some worse. Considering I work 56 hours a week, I think 14 is an ok number, but hope to catch more next year. The 14 films covered 8 different countries; Albanya, The UK, Ireland, The US, Sweden, Norway, Germany and France. (How often can you say that about your watchlist!) Thanks to Espoo Ciné for once again providing a brilliant festival focusing on European cinema, I’ll be back next year!

Reviews from Espoo Ciné
The Tree of Life (2011)
Wake Wood (2011)
Les Yeux De Sa Mère (2011)
Kill List (2011)
Sykt Lykkelig (2010)

Look forward to a review of Win Win (2011) and Allen’s Midnight in Paris (2011)!


The Droid You’re Looking For has a brilliant runthrough of David Cronenberg’s work in the form of a comic book! Also, take a look at LAMB’s Director’s Chair links starring the man the man.

One of the funniest posts I’ve read in a while is over at And So It Begins…. This brilliant feature on directors talking trash made me laugh out loud multiple times.

Andrew analyzes his love-hate relationship with Quentin Tarantino.

Joel Burman’s podcast debut.

Read this interesting list on Top 10 films to have driven people to murder over at Top 10 Films!

And, so I won’t forget, and you’ll hopefully join in, two really interesting and innovative Blogathons coming up :
The Juxtaposition Blogthon at Pussy Goes Grrr, September 12-16.
The World in Film at The Great Movie Project, September 9-12!
So in!?


26 responses to “123 Films Everyone Should See + Ciné Round-Up + Links are sooo 2010…

  1. Great Festival coverage Anna. Looking forward to your 123 Films. That is such a great idea. 100 just isn’t enough. I am going to have to leave so many films out :-p

      • Probably would have a very hard time creating this list myself…wouldn’t be able to choose as there are so many good movies out there!

      • I know, but I’ll try and pick films that gave something to me in terms of an experience or feeling rather than finding “the best” films out there. I doubt The Godfather will be on my list even though I’m not denying it’s one of the best movies ever.

  2. I think 14 films is pretty damned good!! You saw some good ones as well huh? I really want to see Kill List LOADS!!! I will have to wait til Friday when it is out!

  3. Thanks for the link love, Anna, though I’ll give full disclosure– I’m a little bashful at that article and not entirely happy with it. It feels incomplete to me. Maybe I’ll edit it at some point in the future. Regardless, the props are appreciated.

    123 films, huh? Well, I won’t say that that’s not something I’ll look forward to.

    • Really! Didn’t get that at all, I thought it was a great piece, and one of the reasons I thought that was that it felt like a stream of consciousness! But I guess you’re always your worst ciritic, huh?

  4. Woo hoo! 14 films is a lot, good for you! Glad you had a great time, Anna. A local film fest is coming to my town in 3 weeks, I doubt I’ll see as many movies as you, but I’ll try to see as many as I can.

    • Film festivals are great, I wish there would be another one soon (there is in Finland but I’m gonna miss that). The next for me is Glasgow Film Festival in March : – (

  5. Thanks for the plug! You ready with your list? I spent like two weeks thinking about South America. I’m also putting the finishing touches on my entry for Juxtaposition.

    • Of course! Noot, been too busy. Tomorrow’s my last day of work so will be able to go there then!

      Were you thinking about South America because there’s so many good films coming from there or because you couldn’t think of any : – D

      Looking forward to the blogathon.

  6. this didn’t appear on my reader for some reason. how odd.

    i’ve enjoyed your coverage anna but it’s even more impressive hearing that you work 56 hours a week. do you count travel time or are you just an in demand girl?

    • Summer jobs man, one full-time 40h week and a weekend job 8 + 8! I had a few days off though in the last 1,5 months! Haha, had my last day of work yesterday though so FREEDOOOM.

      Might watch Braveheart as an on-the-nose film.

      Going back to Scotland on Sunday!

  7. Thanks for linking to my brief embed to the Long Kiss Goodnight lambast. I know you aren’t a huge Renny Harlin fan but you got to admit I have some points. =) As you have probably heard already I spend more or half an hour defending the film.

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