Espoo Ciné 19. – 28.8. 2011

© 2010 Jaana Rannikko

My accreditation for Espoo Ciné went through a couple of days ago and now I’m looking forward to a long week of great cinema. Opening with The Tree of Life and ending with The Gamin Au Vélo the week’ll be full of great films, documentaries and shorts.

With themes like GerMANIA, Ciné Politica, New Romania, All in the Family, Pink Zone and La Célébration Française I’ll be sure to check out some of the freshest European cinema this year, barely any films from the States made it to the line-up, besides the profoundly American Allen’s newest, Midnight in Paris which I’m very much looking forward to.

My other ultimate picks include movies from the Méliès d’Argent – competition, the infamous exploration into modern thriller and horror. Kill List, Wake Wood and Masks are on my must see list. Bring on the Midnight Madness!

I’m a big fan of Nordic cinema, so I’ll be sure to check out Sykt Lykkelig, Till Det Som Är Vackert and Sandhed Om Maend.

You can’t really call yourself a film fanatic if you don’t go French. Deneuve’s Les Yeux De Sa Mère and La Fin Du Silence are very intriguing. I’ll update you along the way! Should be a good one.

Check out the full list of films here.


17 responses to “Espoo Ciné 19. – 28.8. 2011

  1. i’m so excited that people are looking forward to ben wheatleys new film, since i saw kill list at the Revelation Film Fest i’ve been telling everyone to see it. i tried not to include any spoilers at all in my review if you care to see it before you see the movie.

    but it’s incredible sounding events like this that make the things we get in perth seem, well, so small really. i am profoundly jealous and very much looking forward to your coverage anna.

    • Oh yeah, absolutely need to check that out.

      Hah, it’s funny you should say that since Perth has about 1,4 million people more than Espoo ! You should do something about that : – )

  2. Midnight in Paris was a great movie. I’m not a Woody Allen fan, but I loved the whole atmosphere of it, almost like a fairytale. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

    • Hopefully, I’ve bumped it down to the end of next week ’cause can’t make it today! It’s premiering in Finland, finally.. There’s really only a couple of movies that will get a theatre release, so I’m focusing on those that don’t! : -)

  3. Congrats on the Accreditation. I am very jealous!! (Come on London Film Festival, email me back!!)

    I love Kill List!! I need it in my life so much. I am so looking forward to reading your thoughts Anna

  4. Congrats on the accreditation. Sounds like a great line-up, Anna. Festivals like this are so much fun. Surrounded by fellow movie buffs, you watch and discuss films all day. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Midnight in Paris and Kill List ;-)

    • Thanks Andy! It’s a pretty cool line up, but it’s really difficult to pick films since all are really interesting but not that many are “I HAVE TO SEE THIS” type stuff. It’s nice too see a festival focus on European cinema.

  5. I’m looking forward to Kill List and Masks myself, but considering I’m in Ohio, and rural Ohio at that, I suspect I’ll be waiting for DVD, which is a bit sigh-worthy.

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