Hit or Miss ? Coriolanus (2011)

Ralph Fiennes’ feature debut Coriolanus hits theatres around New Year’s (you know where it’s going first..). Adapted by the very talented John Logan the film stays true to the Shakespearean style, as we’ve seen before with the 1996 Romeo + Juliet one of the more succesful modern Shakespeare films.

The trailer is intense, dark and strong. As Coriolanus (played by Fiennes) walks the warred streets of Rome there’s no denying the visual feast the film seems to encapture. Will the amazing war scenes, the loudness cover the story that’s at best a mediocre tale of revenge?

Fiennes seems to feel strongly about the story. After playing the title character on a live stage he took the story to heart and has been working to get it filmed for years. In 2008 his work paid off and filming started in Belgrad. With actors like Laurence Olivier, Ian McKellen, Toby Stephens, Robert Ryan, Christopher Walken and Morgan Freeman having had played Coriolanus, will Fiennes’ performance live up to his predecessors?

Whether this truly work or not, I’m sensing Oscar nods at least for Logan. With a mixed bag of actors such as Gerard Butler, Vanessa Redgrave, James Nesbitt, Jessica Chastain and Brian Cox Coriolanus is sure to raise heads and get a solid viewing.


7 responses to “Hit or Miss ? Coriolanus (2011)

  1. I have a problem with this film. It is not the films fault but mine. I find listening to Shakespearean dialogue incredibly hard to follow. I saw 3 long clips from this film on the weekend at Empires Big Screen and yes it looked amazing and hard hitting I just found myself lost trying to keep up with what was being said.

    I know this is not the fault of the film, but of my slow brain. But, for that reason I am OUT!!

  2. This was hilarious in Berlin Film Festival, in a wrong way.
    All the key ideas sound good, at least promising: Shakespeare transformed to the battlefields of modern city warfare, rivalry, strong mother played by Vanessa Redgrave (who was absolutely gorgeous and sharp in the press conference afterwards)…
    The effect, however, was so Brechtian in its distancing that it worked against the film. The good parts (agitators vs. crowds) get torn down by the bad ones (Fiennes vs. Butler), though I did enjoy all the gay antics.

    I guess I could say it hit the wrong tone.

    • Wow …
      I’m not sure if I’ll mind the eroticism between Fiennes and Butler though, but this don’t sound goood!
      I can see where it can go wrong if you’re just working in one person’s vision (Fiennes’) and he gets so into it he’s drowning.

  3. I really cannot explain how excited I am to see Vanessa sink her teeth in a role worthy of her. Even in last years woefully tawdry Letters to Juliet she managed to be luminous.

    And Ralph Fiennes is the star of my favourite movie of all time, so, yeah – I’m there.

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