Metamorphosis, Will Google+ Kick Facebook’s Ass?, Blogroll + Links!

As you might have noticed, Split Reel has undergone some changes due to simple boredom and improving the functionality and design of the site. Here’s what’s new :

Facebook page

Ok, so I’m trying this out. I mean why not! Even though Facebook’s faith is in the doubts (Google+ is seriously kicking it up!) it’s still a loyal companion. Do you want to get all your news, trailers and reviews in one place? Why not like Split Reel on FACEBOOK! The page is still under construction but prepare for the obvious updates on posts, and incredibly witty remarks, news and links!

WordPress Upgrade

I got an encouraging ‘Go for it!’ from a friend and picked up the font upgrade on WordPress. I’m really happy I did, I think it gave the site some added character. How do you like the new look?


I updated my Blogroll, now found on the upper right corner as a page. These are blogs that I follow on a regular basis and are deserving of more traffic! Check them out here.


Speaking of blogs deserving of more traffic, I have been really lazy with links this past month. Here’s what you might’ve missed :

PUNK! Counting Bullets : The Dirty Harry Movies at Celluloid Zombie.

The Sixties, with all of its commendable trumpeting of tolerance, restraint and free love was always going to be too good to last. Sooner or later there’s always a rebound and in Hollywood few movies represented that rebound better than 1971′s Dirty Harry. Peace, love and understanding proved to be no match for the most powerful handgun in the world and an actor who, at that time, was best known for playing a different kind of cowboy.

Jim Turnbull lays down the law on the fall of the blockbuster over at Anomalous Material.

Times change, people change. An overused expression, but it is more than applicable to the reason why blockbusters are now so visually-oriented. In 1967 there was film that came along called Bonnie & Clyde, which landed with a rather large bang, and made the censors choke on their club soda. Influenced by European art films, and particularly French New Wave, a more visual style became commonplace, with films like The Graduate employing such film-making techniques as jump shots and experimental lenses. This style of film-making in mainstream Hollywood was referred to as ‘New Hollywood’, fueled by the youth in revolt, political unrest, and various other sociological factors.

Here‘s CS from Big Thoughts From A Small Mind describing the movie theatre from hell.

Now I know in the 18th Century the theatre going experience was vastly different than it is today. People would go to the theatre for the social aspect rather than to see the play going on in the background. The invention of film eventually curbed that ritual, but it seems to be making a strong comeback. I think what irks me the most about all of this is how self-important we have become as a society. Everyone assumes their life, or their actions, are far more important than anyone elses. That is why people can wipe their hands on a seat without even considering that someone in the next show might be sitting there.

Top 5 Tough Guy Character Actors over at Public Transportation Snob.

Crazy, Stupid, Love gets a spin over at M. Carter @ the Movies. I’m hoping to feel the same way about the film even though many have been disappointed.

So many frikkin apes man! Top 5 Movies Featuring Primates by Kai at Man, I Love Films.

And to end things (was going to say on a high note, but as all the links are awesome, it’s just a note at the same level as the previous ones), here’s the droolworthy trailer for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011). What a cast! Ommmmm


22 responses to “Metamorphosis, Will Google+ Kick Facebook’s Ass?, Blogroll + Links!

  1. Nice theme. I used to have Piano Black in my site as well. Font size could be bigger, though. I don’t want to split my eyesight for this reel… :-)

    I’ll try to check out that Facebook page, although Twitter is my social media of choice when it comes to blogging. Hope they get similar pages to Google+ soon.

    • Thanks Niko! I increased the font size, hope it’s better for your eyes now haha! : -)
      Right. I’m trying to really like Google+ it’s just not worth it yet though, when it blows up, it’s really going to blow up.

  2. I don’t know if Google + will be able to take over Facebook but if Facebook starts to lose a bunch of people, it will be over quickly, MySpace style. The whole point of these sites is to have “everybody” on them. Thanks for the link to AM!

  3. Looks great! I have my doubts about Google+, the doubts I’ve voiced very loudly (and got some people very much annoyed)… Must check the FB page out (as soon as I log in again). :)

  4. Love the new look. Very classy!!

    I find it weird that Kai posted a list that was pretty much the same idea as mine (although his is much better) on the same day!!! HAHA Great minds and all that!

    Hope you are well Anna

    • Totally haha, I missed yours for some reason : -D
      I think it’s weird that you both were inspired by Planet of the Apes, I thought it was because of that docu, Project Nim!

      You too C!

  5. I decided to roll out a new theme too. I like it, but I still have a lot of testing to do. I really like the slick new design here.

    G+ may become the big player in the future, but right now, there’s no one there to care what you say.

    • Oh I’ll check that out now!

      Exactly. I’m one of those “THERE’s nothing on G+” but then I don’t really post anything there .. except for those little “likes” g+s, plusses whatyamacallits..

  6. I love the new look! I actually prefer G+ now, it’s more professional than FB, but I use it as a platform to follow photographers so there is a difference how I use FB vs. G+. Thanks for making the font a bit bigger, my eyes are “bad” too ;O)

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