Watch This ! Serenity (2005)

Run-tse duh shang-dee, ching dai-wuhtzo… make them stop! They’re everywhere. Every city, every… every house, every room; they’re all inside me! I can hear them all and they’re saying… NOTHING! GET UP! Please, get up! Wuo-shang mayer, maysheen byen shr-to. Please God, make me a stone.

I just got the BLURAY version of Serenity from Amazon as an addition to my Firefly marathon, I’m planning to rewatch this TODAY. The crew of the ship Serenity tries to evade an assassin sent to recapture one of their number who is telepathic. Sadly overrun by posessed tv execs, Nathan Fillion’s best gig ever got cancelled before the series could give any conclusions, here some ends are tied but thankfully there’s a continuing buzz around a sequel!


13 responses to “Watch This ! Serenity (2005)

  1. obviously it would be silly to ask you if firefly is worth watching but any chance you can explain why? i’ve never seen a single episode and know nothing except serenity seems to turn up on best sci-fi lists quite often, which has me intrigued.

    • Well I guess it can be very polarizing, some people don’t care for it, don’t get the appeal but those who do think it’s one of the best shows on tv, ever (not unlike BSG or Whedon’s other stuff). I guess what makes it worth watching compared to all other sci-fi shows, is it’s clever concuction of sci-fi, western, drama and comedy. The dialogue is sharp, it has a great mythology aswell and backstory as well as individual storylines that work well together. There really is no bad episode in it’s short period of 16 hours.

      The actors are gems, and the characters are awesome in their complexity. Often with sci-fi the technology and different ‘races’ and showy effects get the best of the characters, but Firefly keeps it simple. Lost would’ve been a disaster it the last few seasons if hadn’t kept its focus on the people of the show, I mean all the mythology and science is great but it can get too out there and endless without something tying it together.

      I guess point is that it’s intelligent,more so than other sci-fi shows. It presents interesting moral dilemmas, and looks at them in new ways.

  2. Hi

    I have been trying to get through Firefly on Netflix for a while ago. It started when I was in my Joss Whedon phase. I got through Dollhouse – no problem. And since it seems to be conventional wisdom that Firefly was far superior, I decided to give it a go.

    As a completionist I feel like I should finish the TV series before I start in on Serenity.

    What do you think?

    • What, are you having trouble getting through them? I’m not sure how the film works without the series, I mean I’m not the most biased viewer, having known the show very well before seeing Serenity.

      I mean, I can’t even watch a film if I miss the first few minutes.

  3. Is there really talk of a sequel? That would be great. I’ve heard the opposite about a sequel. Though I feel if The Avengers does well, it will be talked about soon after release.

    • I think there’s been talk both ways. Rumours yes, a lot, nothing solid though.

      I found this on MTV :

      Good, because it’s an “improbable fantasy,” Whedon said. Then again, “so was making ‘Serenity’ [given the cancellation of ‘Firefly’], and so is half my career, which is why I never write it off.”

      The cast keeps putting stuff out there too!

  4. I love Firefly/Serenity. For those on the fence of watching Firefly, you just have to do it. ‘Out of Gas’ is one of my favorite hours of television ever.

    I think you could see Serenity without seeing Firefly, but you’d be missing a lot about what makes it a well loved science-fiction movie.

  5. Oooh, Capt. Mal looks so hunky in that pic :) I’m kind of in the middle of watching the Firefly Blu-ray but got interrupted by other Netflix stuff. Definitely Nathan Fillion’s best role… perhaps ever.

    • Yeah, I mean for some reason Fillion keeps taking these really .. questionable roles. I mean his character in Castle is fine, and the show is mildly entertaining, but it’s definitely not a “great” show.

      • I know, it’s too bad. Despite my affinity for him, I still can’t watch Castle regularly, I can’t stand his co-star, she can’t act.

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