Out of sight, Out of mind…

This is Anna, reporting from the unknown, the archipelago. After a full month of work, work and more work, I’m finally free (for a few days) and heading to the beautiful Tammisaari, a city on the West coast of Finland. Time to relax, read, fish, swim, get the tantatantan. So, no new updates for a while unfortunately, I’ll be back to squeeze some fresh stuff on Sunday, the 10th. I’d like to take the time to thank everyone for reading, the blog has been gaining quite a few more regular readers in the past month and are getting closer and closer to 500 TWITTER– followers.

If you miss me, Front Room Cinema will be posting my contribution to Custard’s fabulous FRC Icon – World Tour on the upcoming Friday, the 8th of July! Here’s the link.

Next week will show you an addition to my hibernating super-feature, Crime Classics. We’ve previously taken a look at Dirty Harry, but we’re moving to another side of the law soon.

I’ll also post my review of Von Trier’s Melancholia.


12 responses to “Out of sight, Out of mind…

  1. HAHA Have a great time Anna, a very deserved break for you enjoy!!!

    Yes your post will be up on Friday at around 10am GMT, thanks again for taking part!!

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