26/30 Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

A Film That Reminds You of Someone

Y Tu Mamá was probably the first Mexican film I saw, and most likely the first film in Spanish I loved. Henceforth I’ve gotten drawn into the world of Hispanic cinema, finding Argentina, Mexico and Spain to have brilliant filmmaking cultures that not a lot of people are aware of. Credit here belongs to my older brother who whilst living in Spain learned the language beautifully and spread his enthusiasm to me as well. Even though I’m a fan of the most northern countries in the world (Norden, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Russia) I can and do appreciate the possibly more vibrant and warm cultures of the south.

In ‘And Your Mother Too’ we see the bustling youthful exuberance of two amazing actors, Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, both of whom remain my favourites to this day. Alfonso Cuaróns wonderful cinematic style brings this coming-of-age story to life in a way few films do. Sexy, sultry, moving it has a lifeforce enforced through uniqueness and good spirit. A must-see for anyone that has hope, and a great gateway to South (or Middle) American film.

La vida tiene sus maneras de enseñarnos. La vida tiene sus maneras de confundirnos. La vida tiene sus maneras de cambiarnos. La vida tiene sus maneras de asombrarnos. La vida tiene sus maneras de herirnos. La vida tiene sus maneras de curarnos. La vida tiene sus maneras de inspirarnos.


3 responses to “26/30 Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

  1. i didn’t love this film. in fact, i didn’t bother watching the rest of it. but i do love Gael García Bernal. i’d recommend Amores Perros and Babel. he’s just good in everything.

    • You’re missing out, it has great atmosphere and it only gets better.

      Yeah, I’ve seen most of his films, they are great (AP especially for sure!) but I’m disappointed with his most recent stuff, hasn’t really been convincing TBH

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