I think I’m in love with Michael Fassbender + Links!

michaelfassbender photo copyright hunger via all movie photo

Just watched Hunger again … my goodness this man. He’s breaking the waves big time.

Link it to me baby …

Green Lantern’s Light: Why I’m Holding Out for a Hero at the m0vie blog is one of the best posts I’ve read in a while. I haven’t really been excited about Green Lantern, but this guy makes a good case. And so did Peter Sarsgaard on Conan the other day.

Over at John Likes Movies, John (duh!) is setting up a Criterion Collection blogathon. I’m totally down with this as long as I get my act together.

PG Cooper has a great list of the Top Ten Under-Rated Performances. Ray Liotta was my favourite bit of Goodfellas.

Imdb 250 Challenge – Are you guys already reading this blog? If not you totally should be.

Hatter’s and Simon’s new project, a podcast called The Film Locker is super cool. Scorsese FTW

In case there’s not enough Scorsese and Goodfellas in these links (pure coincidence really!), you can go and cast your vote for him at Duke and the Movies’ Scorsese vs. Spielberg post.


8 responses to “I think I’m in love with Michael Fassbender + Links!

  1. Although I wouldn’t go as far to say I love Fassbender I’m definitely in the camp that says he’s a terrific actor. I don’t think I’ve seen a bad performance from him yet. Doubt I will to be honest – top, top performer.

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