22/30 American History X (1998)

A Film By Your Favourite Actor (Male)

My favourite actor is Edward Norton. (BTW nowadays if you start googling E d w a .. by E d you’ll get Mr. Cullen. There is something wrong with society today.) You might of seen him in this little tale of hate, American History X one of the greates cinematic accomplishments of the 1990’s.

American History X with Romper Stomper and The Believer (this’d be one hell of a movie marathon) makes an awesome trifecta of neo-nazi tales with two big competitors for my spot of favourite actor, Crowe and Gosling. It’s a tough subject matter to tackle, but works best when the focus is on the individual characters.

Norton is rumored to have a bit of an attitude, but with his chops, I wouldn’t go ’round blaming him. Not only has he brought life to many of my favourite characters of all time (AMHX, 25th Hour, Fight Club, Smoochy) he’s shown great variaiton between, and within his roles. Known for troubled, dual characters Norton is great at portraying both good and bad guys, but works his magic best when he’s working in the grey area. Not the most prolific actor (or as prolific as I wish he was) this guy is one of the most talented actors in his generation, if not the most.

Also I like a man that can wear the hell out of a suit (see Ryan Gosling, Josh Charles, Matthew Fox, Adam Levine). Full stop.

Edward Norton in American History X

P.S. Check out Norton’s great online fundraising community, Crowdrise. He also on Twittah!


10 responses to “22/30 American History X (1998)

  1. I love both Gosling and Norton, but Gosling is my favorite, he is only in the beginning of his career and I can’t wait to see what he is going to do next!

    • Yeah, I’d say that it’s going to only take a couple of years before he becomes my number one currently great actor.

      I mean there’s so many guys to choose from here, but I wanted to go with someone who is currently making great film rather than someone who used to (Newman, Nicholson, De Niro would’ve been at the top of my list). Oh and BRIDGES love that dude.

  2. Julianne Moore and now you love Edward Norton too? Seriously, we need to hang out :D

    I reviewed “American History X” about a month ago. Great film.

    Nice post, as always.

  3. Ahh Edward Norton. At one point he was destined to be the greatest actor in the business, and at the time, a personal favorite of mine. His performances in Primal Fear, American History X, Fight Club, and even The Score, were all exceptional. Especially AHX. But these days I don’t find much appeal to many of his films, and his tough-to-work-with tag has surely hurt his once promising career. Still, he’s already an All-Star in my book. Nice post Anna.

    • You’re right. In a perfect world the best would be the best, but it doesn’t always work like that. Still all in all his performances so far for me have been amazing (have seen 25th hour btw?) and are in a league of their own. I think he’s not only not been working because of his stigma but rather because of his voluntary work projects. I’m sure he has still some great stuff ahead of him. But this was a tricky one. I have at least 8 favourite actors that I wouldn’t want to distinctly seperate as no. 1 no.2 no.3.

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