20/30 Se7en (1995)

A Film By Your Favourite Director

Picking a favourite director is like picking your favourite flavour of ice cream, it’s not like there’s an ultimate one, that wouldn’t change by your mood, the time of day, the time of year. For me this was really a battle between David Cronenberg (who didn’t win because I adore his newer stuff, when I ‘only’ love his older films), Michael Haneke (who didn’t win because he lacks a certain quality as a director that you can point out and say this is why I love this guy), Von Trier (who fought the good fight) and David Fincher. Fincher took it.

Se7en is the perfect thriller. It’s dark, ominous, intelligent, surprising and dramatic. The writing is great, it’s highly quotable. Pitt and Freeman make a great pair, and Spacey is daunting as one of the sickest serial killers portrayed on screen. The feel of the film is tangible, atmospheric and heavy, but it never sufficates the viewer by becoming too torturish or graphic. The iconography of the deadly sins and the thematics of religion, salvation and forgiveness are intriguing and entertaining; there’s nothing more freigthful than taking a look at your own mistakes.

Se7en plays nicely with film noirish elements enfused with classic thrill and drama. Se7en is a masterpiece in its genre, and a staple to any movie collection.


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