19/30 Bad Boys (1995)

A Film By Your Least Favourite Director

Don’t get me wrong, I thought Bad Boys I and II were moderately funny or even mildly entertaining and not by a mile this director’s worst film. Michael Bay can entertain the shizzle out of the average 16-year-old male (not that I am one). The actual problem is that Bay encapsulates everything that I hate about Hollywood; the dumbed down plotlines to appeal to a certain audience, the remakes of films that should absolutely be left alone, creating sequels of films that never had any charm, consistency or plot development in the first time. Bay for me represents the dark side of money in show business, compromising the quality of film and the innovation of moviemaking in order to bring the supposed audience a non-thinking, unchallenging, conformist, CGI-packed pile of mediocrity that

Why does Hollywood let Michael Bay keep doing the same mistake all over again? Too many classic horror films that still absolutely have household name status have been destroyed. Who really prefers a remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror, Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street? Yet, he’s making billions.

There’s no way that seeing him as ‘a master of junk’ is going to free him of his crimes against the film industry, the cracks on the respectability of a director’s motivations he has created, hise onedimensional, sexist portrayal of women or his insatiable desire for money.

I make movies for teenage boys. Oh, dear, what a crime. ” Well TBF it is not a crime, but enforcing the dumbed down effect should be. There’s so many smarter versions of the types of film (mainly action) he does, that have clever dialogue, more in-depth characters, diversity, less clichés, more imagination.

To tell the truth, shooting action bores me now. But the audience has grown to like what I do and expect visually stimulating excitement. Staying in that genre is me being safe. ” At least he’s being truthful.

Idiocracy here we come.


7 responses to “19/30 Bad Boys (1995)

  1. This film is all-over-the-place but Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s little side-cracks and the constant energy kept me watching and being entertained. Good Review!

  2. I give you props for saying “entertains the shizzle out of an average 16-year old boy” – Funny stuff.

    Great review by the way, I’ll add you to my blogroll

    Thanks for stopping by my site :D

  3. Bay on kyllä hyvä valinta huonoimmaksi ohjaajaksi. Ite pidän erityisesti transformerseja hirveänä rahastuksena. Vois melkein sanoa, että Bayn ura menee koko ajan vain vielä huonompaan suuntaan. Armageddonilla ja Bad Boysilla oli sentään huumoriarvoa.

    Muita vaihtoehtoja huonoimmaksi ohjaajaksi on ainakin M. Night Shyamalan, Jason Friedberg ja Uwe Boll näistä tunnetuimmista.

    • Itse harkitsin tuota Uwe Bollia inhokki ohjaajakseni, mutta hän sentään tekee jotain mistä syntyy keskustelua, Bayn leffoista jos voisin olla kuulematta sanaakin niin olisin erittäin tyytyväinen. Bayssä vielä enemmän ärsyttää se että häntä ei kiinnosta luoda mitään, häntä kiinnostaa myydä elokuvia, hän myöntää sen itsekin täysin.

  4. Oh, I loathe Michael Bay. I had to cringe when I saw the trailer for Transformers 3 last night before X-Men. One of my guilty pleasure films is The Rock, which is the only film of his I can stand by Bay! Nice post!

    • Thanks Andrew! Oh yeah, I watched about 20min of the first Transformers and had to stop so I wouldn’t completely lose my will to live.

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