15/30 The Sixth Sense (1999)

A Film You Used to Love, But Now Hate

I loved it before ’cause…
The Sixth Sense was inventive.
– classic mystery/thriller.
– I had the hots for Bruce Willis.
– WTF mindfuck ending.
– it suited the time.
– I wasn’t allowed to see it for a really long time.

Why I hate it now…
– it doesn’t hold well after the jist is out.
– have you seen the crap Shyamalan has been putting out there …
– so don’t have the hots for Willis any more.
– it doesn’t feel as fresh as it did back then.
– in retrospect is quite overrated.

P.S I rarely hate movies. I usually find them either boring or irrelevant or just not good/fun/entertaining, so saying I hate The Sixth Sense is a bit of an overstatement. For me, what I look for in a film, is its ability to surprise you, to make you feel something or hold over several viewings, giving you something different each time you watch it. As a kid, I felt this way about The Sixth Sense. After seeing about 500 other thrillers afterwards I can safely say that I now find it merely ok, and dislike it due to its popularity and critical apprisal, when so many better films go unrecognised.


12 responses to “15/30 The Sixth Sense (1999)

  1. Some films just can’t withstand the test of time. Sixth Sense is a movie that I haven’t even thought of seeing again, just because I know the ends plot twist. But I think it was a good film at the time, and I’m sure that if I saw it now for the first time (and for some unbelievable reason hadn’t learned about the twist), I’d love it. Some films are great, even though you wouldn’t want to see it more than once.

    And hey, just because Shyamalan has been directing crappy films latelly, it doesn’t reduce the value of his earlier work :).

    • Well not entirely of course, a good piece of work is a good piece of work on its own, but it does show that Shyamalan wasn’t the main driving force of quality behind the film. People with real talent now what works every time, and even when the make more mediocre pieces or pieces that don’t live up to their predecessors they still have style and class. Shyamalan isn’t one of these IMO and that makes a film that I used to appreciate, also on the account of the director, lose a part of its charm.

  2. It’s funny as I like to visit these types of films every now and then even though I know the end. Sometimes I notice new things, different things on multiple viewings. Having that said, I do agree and enjoy a film for the unexpected and ability to surprise. I have not seen a good Shyamalan film in quite some time. Though, I hope to catch “Devil” – crossing my fingers! :)

  3. Yes the movie was memorable because of its mind-bending ending. Once you have seen it once, there is really nothing else to hang your hat on. Nice pick.

  4. This film really doesn’t hold up that well. Weird how that happens. When I first bought the DVD I watched it like 12 times, I absolutely loved it.

    Now it just seems awful. What is that about?

    • Some films are frontrunners in a certain type of filmgenre but as other films join the ranks they seem less capable. I’m not sure if they should be appreciated as better than they are due to their status as pioneers, or whether they should just be judged in comparison.

  5. I hear ya, I think once the twist ending is revealed, I can’t imagine enjoying this movie on repeat viewings. Unbreakable on the other hand still holds up really well because the whole concept is just so mind-boggling, in a good way.

  6. I just love this movie. It has thrilling atmosphere, which could cut the air and very good story, why I just can’t get enough of it. When I watched this second… or third… time, I found new aspects of it, because I knew the ending, but later on I have could just enjoyed of good thriller. I have heard many saying that they don’t want to watch this movie again, because they know the ending, but doesn’t it fit for all movies then (assuming they like them)? ;) In my opinion this movie is much more than just the ending. ;)

    • The only thing that seperates (IN my opinion I might add) The Sixth Sense from any average, mediocre suspense thriller is the end twist. When that’s taken away all that remains is Bruce Willis and a sufficient storyline.

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