13/30 Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Your Favourite Comedy Film

I know Monty Python isn’t to everyone’s taste, and even though for them Holy Grail is quite normal, some people just don’t get it. When I got it, I really got it, and that’s way it deserves the place as my favourite comedy.

Comedy’s hard, since it’s really subjective and even country specific; people laugh at different things. A lot of people say Monty Python is a staple of British (by British I actually mean English) comedy, but I never saw it as particularly country specific due to it’s peculiar, sometimes abstract nature. Considered a parody, Holy Grail works on many levels. Exploring the adventures of King Arthur and his knights, the Python crew give us ludicrous scenes and outrageous characters, that for those unfamiliar with their work seem absolutely stupid, but behind it all there’s a profound intelligence and a unique insight on comedy.


6 responses to “13/30 Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

  1. Ooh, I love The Holy Grail! The coconut-riding scene cracks me up every time. I don’t understand why some people don’t get the Python comedy. It’s priceless!

  2. Couple funny moments that come to mind:
    “None shall pass. I move for no man”
    On second thoughts, lets not go to camelot, it is a silly place
    Ha Ha

  3. Unlike Ed, I loved the rabbit scene and I loved the cartoon and how it ended. Yeah, I can’t say I would definitely put this to be the best comedy ever, but one of the greatest it is. I also liked Life of Brian, but then from The Meaning of Life I didn’t like that much last time I watched it. What did you think of it?

    • Well the thing with Python is that you have to be in a particular mood to enjoy it. I didn’t care for many of the episodes of the series when I first saw them, but then they grew on me later. Meaning of Life went a similar route for me.

      Comedy is a very fickle thing, it’s very personal and dependent on mood; there really is no universally “best” comedy, that’s why this challenge in no way says anything regarding “the best” but “a favourite” which in my eyes is a completely different thing.

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