12/30 Dark Knight (2008)

Your Favourite Action Film

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Is this cheating? I’m not that into action (except for the classic 90’s stuff like Die Hard), so I’m choosing the modern classic that is Dark Knight, directed by the future king of the big screen, Monsieur Nolan.

P.S. Did everyone see the slightly anti-climatic preview shot of Tom Hardy as Bane?


13 responses to “12/30 Dark Knight (2008)

  1. Fantastic film!
    I’ve seen the photo, I think it’s cool. Now waiting for Anne Hathaway’s shot if they are going to reveal her looks soon. What did you think of the Bane’s photo?

    • I thought was a bit disappointing, with the Twitter campaign and already having seen Hardy’s Bronson physique. I’m excited about Hathaway though, I’ve for some reason grown to like her despite the Oscar mishap.

      Tom Hardy in Bronson

  2. Great choice Anna, I love this film, I appreciate it more w/ each repeated viewing. The Joker is on my list of fave bad boys on film, too.

    • Indeed, it’s a film that has so much packed into it (without getting crowded) so you find much more with every viewing. I was a big supporter of Batman Begins for a long time but I think now DK has moved above it in my favourites list.

  3. It’s sorta cheating, since there’s not really a boatload of action in the film. Still a good choice nonetheless.

    For me, I’d have to go with the very predictable RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK as my choice.

    • With some films is really hard to categorize them because most often they’re tagged in a few different genres. Like for me Raiders is automatically Adventure first, Action second whereas Dark Knight would probably be Drama first, Action second.

    • Exactly my feelings. “How could I have a problem with The Dark Knight?”. I could watch that movie 100 times and enjoy it every single time.

      “Die Hard” was the first thing that came to mind when I saw “favorite action movie”. For me, it’s sort of what action movies can or should be.

    • Well I don’t consider it as a value in itself to pick something that ‘no one’s heard of’ or ‘is eccentric’ or ‘depicts my depth of knowledge in film’ as action is something I’m not particularly fond of, I would’ve found it strange to pick some other film as a favourite amongst my other picks, when clearly I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as any other film on my list : – )

  4. Maybe only a tad bit cheating as I, personally, wouldn’t consider it a movie that lands in the action genre completely. But, you shall be forgiven as you can never go wrong with The Dark Knight. Just a great movie and Ledger’s performance is brilliant. I love the movie.

    That being said, glad somebody else agrees about that Bane picture. It’s not that the picture was bad or anything, it’s just I don’t get why people are enjoying it so much. It doesn’t really give us anything and is no huge cause for excitement. It showed me exactly what I already had pictured in my mind: Bronson with a mask. That’s it. I’m much more interested to see some clip that shows how the character has been written.

    Anti-climactic is a good word for it. Though absolutely nothing that takes away from my excitement for the movie.

    • I hope they make it work, I have no doubt he’s going to be a mean lean killing machine, but how he fits into the story is a different matter all together. This is probs the most anticipated for me, (besides J. Edgar and Dangerous Method).

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