9/30 El Orfanato (2007)

Your Favourite Horror Film

Not strictly a horror film, El Orfanato, The Orphanage, is the film that has made me the most squeamish, disturbed and rattled in years. I guess by watching a multitude of films, in all different genres, certain types of imagery and rigid patterns especially in horror become so familiar that after a certain point they don’t startle, scare or shock you anymore.

Directed by the wonderful Juan Antonio Bayona The Orphanage works its magic through a slow building of tension, some classic horror surprises and a heartbreaking end.

I like a very particular type of horror, and classic horror isn’t really included in that. I understand that there are better horror/thriller films than this, but when it comes to favourites I can’t lie and say that Rosemary’s Baby, Psycho, Dawn of the Dead or The Exorcist would be one. Check out my previous list of My 8 Favourite Horror Films, thinking back on it now I’d probably add the following films :

Pontypool&lt (2008)
A refreshing take on zombies, viruses and radioshows.

[Rec] (2007)
Another Spanish contribution to new wave European horror, is very succesful to an extent that it becomes painful to watch.

Á L’Intérieur (2007)
Wow 2007 was a good year for horror. A woman fights for her unborn baby’s life in her own home when a dilusional woman tries to steal it from her. Béatrice Dalle is unbelievable in this.

Wolf Creek (2005)
Slasher-like, with a disturbing alleged true story behind it, Wolf Creek does what horror is supposed to, scare and disgust.

P.S. You need to check out this awesome list of The Greatest Underseen Horror Films of the 2000s, the list looks amazingly refreshing, have seen a couple of them and plan on going through more!


7 responses to “9/30 El Orfanato (2007)

    • I only got into them a few years back (that’s why most of my favourites are from after 2005). I like them because they are easy to watch, sometimes with drama etc. it all gets really heavy and horror is something you can just go through without thinking.

  1. I found myself with chills watching The Orphanage too! It utilises old-fashioned horror techniques, and that scene you have pictured was terrifying. I haven’t seen [Rec] but I have seen Quarantine (which I believe is a re-make). And of course, Inside was also brilliant! Have you seen Insidious? It borrows from everything, and falls apart in the end, but it has some genuinely creepy moments and a pretty effective build-up.

  2. I like the classics, but I like your list a lot, too. I don’t remember much from “Wolf Creek”, I guess, but I really enjoyed all of the rest. I just like horror in general, with very few exceptions within the genre (I could do without the torture porn, and J-Horror got old eventually, for instance).

    As for “El Orfanato”, Creepy Bag Face Kid™ is a really neat little icon for that movie. As soon as I saw Creepy Bag Face Kid™ in the posters and trailers, I knew I had to see it.

    • Yeah, I think some of that torture porn stuff goes way too far with making terrible, disgusting, sick things entertainment. For me horror is often a nice break from reality (at least most films are) but never got into the pre-90’s horror that much.

  3. I loved The Orphanage but it really creeped me out. I mean, I was looking over my shoulder for a kid in a scare crow mask for WEEKS :D (And I probably will be again now that I’m remembering the movie, thanks to you! Haha) Hrr, still gives me the creeps…*shivers*

  4. El Orfanato is so freaky and disturbing, that I haven’t gotten myself to watching it a second time. Even though it’s an absolutely gorgeous filming.

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