Podcast with Dark of the Matinee

It is a very good thing that I recorded my first ever podcast yesterday with Mad Hatter from Dark of the Matinee, rather than today since I have zero voicepower left after yesterday’s amazing ice hockey final.
Listen to the Podcast here at Mad Hatter’s Matineecast.

We will be talking about ME (yes!), the latest in the Marvel series Thor, the weirdest movies and mine and Hatter’s movie marathon lists.



12 responses to “Podcast with Dark of the Matinee

      • You are welcome it was really well deserved. I listened in to the matinee cast and I’m looking forward to a western blogathon. Here are some suggested classics that are great to start off with:

        Wild Bunch
        High Noon
        The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
        The Unforgiven
        The Kautokeino Rebellion

      • Missed in the last comment, Kautokeino is of course no western in the real sense but it has very similar themes and feels like a “same” western.

      • I’ve had it on my DVR for ever, should check it out now! Thanks for the suggestions, The Unforgiven I think would be a good place to start since it has actors and directing that I’m already familiar with so it wouldn’t seem like such a distant genre.

  1. Personally, I think Poika (saunoo) is far better hockey song. But then again, music is not an important factor considering WE WON! :)

    Will give the podcast a listen soon. Cheers,


  2. Just listened to the MatineeCast. Great show Hatter and Anna. Really enjoyed it. Anna, I liked your choice of ‘Lars Von Trier Marathon’ and your pick of Delicatessen as your ‘Weirdest Movie’. Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!

    • Thanks so much Andrew! The Von Trier marathon is a wonderful thing, but kind of draining and hard. I think I’ll rock it out with the Rocky marathon soon ; – )

      • Yeah, I don’t think I could fit in more than one Lars Von Trier film in one day. Last month I started an Andrei Tarkovsky marathon. That is hard, but amazing! Each of his films are at least 2 1/2 hours, and while they are engrossing and beautiful to look at, they move very very slowly. This month, like Hatter, I have been watching lots of Cronenberg films…Videodrome, The Fly, Dead Ringers, Naked Lunch and Crash so far! That’s also a fun marathon (though Dead Ringer’s wasn’t…actually nor was Crash), but certainly won’t appeal to everyone.

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