5/30 Efter Brylluppet (2006)

Your Favourite Foreign Language Film

Danish : Efter Brylluppet

Spanish : El Aura

French : Un Prophète

Swedish : Sånger Från Andra Våningen

Russian / Spanish : Zerkalo


7 responses to “5/30 Efter Brylluppet (2006)

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    Simon (aka. LAMB #341: Screen Insight)

  2. Absolutely loved After the Wedding, so wonderfully acted although a bit on the melodramatic side. Very touching story. Un Prophete also was an outstanding crime/prison thriller.

    • Melodramatism tends to be a characteristic in a lot of Nordic films, everything is always very very difficult and it all goes to hell. Life is pain and so on haha.

  3. Any film that arrives with as much hype as Amores Perros the astonishing debut from Mexican director Alejandro Gonzlez Irritu becomes instantly vulnerable to backlash. For all Gonzlez Irritus immense talent and bravado his film is raw in places and its atmosphere of unrelenting physical and emotional brutality will certainly drive some viewers away. If youve ever spent time in the Mexican capital — and even if you havent — youll find yourself swept away entirely into this films sensory realm into the tang of smog and the feel of dirty turquoise stucco the smell of frying frijoles and tortillas the taste of Carta Blanca.

  4. I love After the wedding, I think its Susanne Bier’s best, such an emotional watch. Open Hearts is also powerful and well-acted, which she directed in 2002, also one of my favourites.
    You might want to try her latest “In a better world”, if you haven’t seen it, which I reviewed, won the foreign language oscar in 2011!
    You can probably already tell Susanne Bier is one of my favourite directors ( ;

    • Mads is really a great dramatic actor, but for some reason on the international scene he seems to get the one-layered baddie roles. Maybe it’s his rugged looks haha

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