2/30 Jumanji (1995)

Your Favourite Film As a Kid

Jumanji, Robin Williams

As some of you might now, I often hail the praises to the 90’s as the best time period of film (or at least it’s kicking of the 70’s, 80’s and 00’s behinds). But then you remember ridonculous stuff like this.

Jumanji was absolutely my favourite as a bright eyed 6 year old, it was one of those rare ones that i had on VHS, and would watch time and time again until the actual tape broke. It’s interesting how as a kid you didn’t really mind how long you could watch your favourite film or whether it was the first, the middle or the last 15 minutes, you’d be dead excited anyways. I’ve grown up to be one of those people that can’t watch a film on tv, if it’s already started a minute ago, and even missing the trailers at the cinema makes me uncomfortable.

But I do believe that the films you see as a kid shape how you feel about certain types of movies growing older, it lays the basis of your enthusiasm and taste. I for one, blame my film-watching habits as a kid on my obsession on sci-fi and comic books. I was very young when I first watched the original Star Wars, Batman Returns and Batman Forever (I was also obsessed with the 60s tv series Batman, if you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out). Jurassic Park was the first film that I sneakily watched at my grandma’s that I shouldn’t have seen as young as I was (haha it’s rated PG-13 for “intense science fiction terror”).

The 90’s was however the new found golden era of Disney. The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King are to many the best films Disney ever animated. But then Pixar changed the animation game forever. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Toy Story or it’s sequels, I thought 3 was heartfelt and appealing, but I never got the massive best film of the year buzz it got (no pun intended).

Something that made me laugh then, I’m afraid to watch now. I mean, I absolutely loved Dumb & Dumber (1994), I tended to laugh at anything Jim Carrey did. (Not so much now, did you see Yes Man? I guess that recipe that rocked a kid’s comedy world in Liar Liar shouldn’t be touched after the age of 11.) I guess your sense of humor changes the most through the years, I’ve ended up as someone who finds rarely anything funny (besides The Office, Conan and Judd Appatow’s films). Then again, it’s interesting to see that a lot of people have and hold their favourite comedies for years; Wayne’s World being a good example.

Cable Guy

What were your favourites as a kid?


5 responses to “2/30 Jumanji (1995)

  1. So many of my favorites from childhood mentioned here!

    I loved Tim Burton movies such as Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice (still do). I also loved Jim Carrey movies, especially Ace Venturas and The Mask. Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid were my Disney favorites.

    The Exorcist was my first horror movie (when I was 7 or 8) and I loved it too. I started watching horror at pretty early age and I think it’s the reason why I love horror movies so much today – and why I’ve never really been scared of them.

    • Yeah, Edward S has been a film that I’ve watched every Christmas since I was 12, love it.

      I never found The Exorcist that scary either, I think I must’ve been 10 or 11 when me and my friend watched it secretly and probably laughed at most of it.

  2. Ah, this is tricky.. I think I had too many favourite movies :’)

    Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas & The Addams Family for sure (very goth, don’t you think? ^_^).

    Then Disney’s Robin Hood, Peter Pan and The Hook (green men I like).

    The Goonies!! Cindy Lauper, Mickey, One-Eyed Willie et al~!

    And the more or less embarrasing ones like Welcome to America, Dumb & Dumberer, Free Willy and Mrs. Doubtfire.

    I’m jealous: I never saw Jumanji as a kid and when I finally got to see it, I was a bit too old :/

  3. Jumanji is AWESOME! Then again, I do have a bit of a soft spot for most of Robin Williams films; Mrs Doubtfire where he showed off his brilliant array of voices… and Hook which has to be one of my favourite adaptations of Peter Pan ever.

    Completely agree with the Jim Carrey comment. Not a fan of Cable Guy, Yes Man or Number 23… but loved Dumb and Dumber and Liar Liar. He also fronted one of my all-time favourites – The Truman Show.

  4. Hmm I might do this challenge myself at some point, but I had a lot of favorite films as a kid. I looooved Ace Ventura and the old Batman films (Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman, Batman & Robin and what were there) I could watch them over and over again. And I still like to watch those from time to time.

    Out of Disney films my favorites have always been The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Jungle Book. The Emperor’s New Groove is awesome as well, but that came when I was already older. Nevertheless, I could still watch it five times a week :D

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