30 Day Film Challenge + Links !

As some of you may know, the life of a university student is immensly hard (at least at times). You study hard, and then balance that by partying hard. As a result, no posts for the past week. Apologies, and expect the posting to continue, even sharper and more frequent than before. To challenge myself to keep up with enjoying the world of movie blogging, I decided to bring this Facebook phenomenon, the 30 Day Film Challenge to split reel. Every day for the next thirty days, I’ll post a review, commentary, recap or scene from a movie, according to the following list (no worries, other features, top lists and new film reviews will be posted as well).

Day 1 – Your Favourite Film
Day 2 – Your Second Favourite Film
Day 3 – A Film You Watch to Feel Good
Day 4 – A Film You Watch to Feel Down
Day 5 – A Film That Reminds You of Someone

Day 6 – A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere
Day 7 – A Film That Reminds You of Your Past
Day 8 – The Film You Can Quote Best
Day 9 – A Film With Your Favourite Actor (Male)
Day 10 – A Film With Your Favourite Actor (Female)

Day 11 – A Film By Your Favourite Director
Day 12 – A Film By Your Least Favourite Director
Day 13 – A Guilty Pleasure
Day 14 – The Film That No One Expected You To Like
Day 15 – The Film That Depicts Your Life

Day 16 – A Film You Used to Love, But Now Hate
Day 17 – Your Favourite Drama Film
Day 18 – Your Favourite Comedy Film
Day 19 – Your Favourite Action Film
Day 20 – Your Favourite Romantic Film

Day 21 – Your Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film
Day 22 – Your Favourite Horror Film
Day 23 – Your Favourite Thriller/Mystery Film
Day 24 – Your Favourite Animated or Children’s Film
Day 25 – Your Favourite Documentary Film

Day 26 – Your Favourite Foreign Language Film
Day 27 – Your Favourite Independent Film
Day 28 – The Most Obscure Film You’ve Ever Seen
Day 29 – Your Favourite Film As a Kid
Day 30 – Your Favourite Film This Time Last Year


The Movie Cliches List, Because in film you never go to the bathroom, say goodbye when you finish a phone call, you stare dramatically out of windows and walk in slowmotion in a field of barley.

50 Greatest Foreign Language Films by Total Film – Need not to comment on the absurdity of the term foreign language film but admire a decent collection of 50 of the best films made around the world (especially in the past decade, just not in the US or England) … (or Canada or Australia or India) (well not in English okay!). Topped off with a very debatable number one (and 5 and 13 and 21 and 22 and …).

Peter Jackson’s Facebook page – All the latest on The Hobbit straight from the horse’s mouth.

New Thor Movie Not What It Seems on Conan – Did they cast the wrong guy to play Thor?


11 responses to “30 Day Film Challenge + Links !

  1. Wow, that top 50 list… I hate to be critical of something that someone put so much time and effort into, but I disagree with a LOT of that list. Nearly half the list comes from the last decade. There’s only one Ingmar Bergman film in there, there are zero Buñuel films (how did THAT happen?), not one Ozu film, no Passion of Joan of Arc, no Bresson films, no Resnais, no Cocteau…

    Just on the French film aspect alone, they dropped the ball.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    • Most if not all of the films are definitely worth a watch, there’s no doubt about that but it has some serious gaps, especially in film before 2000. Maybe they should’ve done a 50 bet Foreign Films of the past 10 years, and it would’ve been great.

      Besides I think Godard is way overrated.

  2. That’s a good way of putting it. I don’t doubt the quality of what’s listed. Those are all fine films. I just think they pale in comparison to, say, “Night and Fog” or “Mouchette” or “Le Corbeau” and especially “Un Chien Andalou” and their kind.

    You absolutely nailed it about there being far too much from the last 10 years or so. It’s annoying to me that there’s no perspective. It’s almost like they gave up the top 15 as a cursory nod to the big name historical foreign films, and spent the rest of the list talking about recent stuff.

    RE: Godard, I tend to agree. The Godard films I’ve liked, I’ve loved. The Godard films I haven’t liked, I’ve hated. I like the guy and I think “Breathless” belongs on that list somewhere, but #1 is a bit much. Heck, top 10 would be a bit much, IMO.

  3. A very big challenge indeed. If you ask me, I would answer almost every day Stanley Kubrick. His movies are the movies for me. Even romantic movies ;)

  4. Woof, first thing I noticed was that striking photo of Brando… man, what a hunk he was back then. I’m w/ Castor, that 30-day thing looks incredibly daunting to me, too. I simply don’t have the discipline nor the energy to follow something that rigorous, but I look forward to reading your list, Anna.

    • Yeah, let’s see how this goes haha : – D I need to teach myself some discipline and commitment, so this is a good exercise.

      I love Brando. Recently read a biography of him, was really interesting!

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