Hit or Miss ? Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

Could Cowboys and Aliens be the surprise hit of the summer? It’s got cowboys, it’s got aliens (duh) and Daniel Craig (as the stonefaced hero), Harrisson Ford (as the stonefaced anti-hero), Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde (who’s somehow managed to turn her limited talent into action heroine). There’s also massive memory loss, mystery and Apache warriors. It all goes down in 1873 Arizona. This modern Western has the most ludicrous plotline in years, which could turn it into one of the classic ‘so-bad-it’s-amazing’ films or even hold his own as seperating from the flood of superheroes, pirates and sorcerers that’s coming our way this year.

Third in line for the (apparently) continuing series of Dreamworks’s comic book- adaptations, Cowboys and Aliens joins the ranks of Road To Perdition (oh I so need to watch this again) and the very much acceptable Over The Hedge. Even though Jon Favreau‘s directing is still in it’s humble beginnings, starting from a Will Ferrell Christmas-classic Elf and moving on to the very massive Iron Man franchise, we know that he can at least create an entertaining atmosphere. Out of the Marvel universe’s mixed bunch Iron Man has always been my least favourite, so I haven’t really noticed Favreau as any kind of up-and-coming action/adventure/comedy director. Maybe C & A will open a bigger audience for him.

Craig is definitely bringing in the big bucks this year since C & A, the relaunch of The Adventures of Tintin and the remake The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are sure to gather up the crowds. Mr. Ford rarely goes astray when it comes to action-adventure (no mentions of Indiana Jones 4 now n00bs). I think Cowboys and Aliens could become a cult classic and a guilty pleasure.

Out in the US on July 29th, UK August 12th, Finland probably in September.


11 responses to “Hit or Miss ? Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

  1. I think this movie looks like a lot of fun. I liked both Iron Man-movies so I definitely have high expectations on Favreau. He has made two really entertaining action films with a big budget, so this can also be a hit. At least it looks better than most of this summer’s big blockbusters.

    • Yeah, and it doesn’t look silly, which is a good thing.

      I have to admit I never even saw Ironman 2 and stopped watching the first one halfway and forwarded the rest, I just didn’t get it. Maybe I just need to make myself watch them sometime.

  2. This looks really fun and entertaining. I’m definitely sold on seeing this on opening weekend and I think it’s going to be a sleeper hit this summer.

  3. My gut says this will be a hit, how big of a hit remains to be seen. Jon Favreau has quite a following since Iron Man and the cast have many fans as well from both male & female audience, so that’ll be a draw. Not to mention the bizarre-ly awesome subject matter. I mean, this was under my radar until I saw the trailer and now I can’t wait to see this!

  4. Definitely seems like a hit to me. I know I’m definitely going to see it. The movie as a whole does seem on the silly side. But, at the same time, it looks like one fun ride. I think it will definitely be an enjoyable one. I’m probably looking forward to this one more than most of those other “blockbuster” movies.

    On a side note, go check out my blog to pick up your “award” in my Versatile Blogger post ;)

  5. I wish they tried a little harder with the title, honestly. But I think this will probably be a solid outing due to the talent involved and notable, as you pointed out, for being a non-sequel/major character adaptation.

    I generally don’t like Westerns, but after “True Grit,” “Rango,” and now this, I may have to start qualifying that statement. It looks like Cowboys are the new Pirates. :)

    • I guess they just wanted to go with the original, no-nonsense one.

      So true, I like how Westerns are being modernized, they feel more approachable now.

  6. I’m really looking forward to this one. Looks like all the elements are there for some good old, brainless fun. And I liked Indiana Jones 4. So there. :-P

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