My Cinematic Alphabet

A great many have been working on this Cinematic Alphabet that’s going around; Rupert Pupkin Speaks, This Guy Over Here, Old Movies Nostalgia to name a few. I thought I’d throw my own post in the ring.

The deal is to go through the alphabet (that’s A-Z if you didn’t remember) picking one favourite from each letter. For me, I wanted to go around not choosing the most obvious ones, trying to show some love to a few lesser known films and truly just work through my mood at the moment. With my cinematic alphabet I’m hoping to showcase a somewhat wide split through my taste in film and also select films that are worthy of at least an 8 / 10 classification. Therefore, Split Reel’s Cinematic Alphabet is not to be confused with a Split Reel’s Best Of .. list for that matter. Please join in; post your own Cinematic Alphabet and Tweet with the hashtag #CinematicAlphabet to share with the blogosphere.

Amores Perros by Alejandro González Iñárritu

Barbarian Invasions, The by Denys Arcand

Choke by Clark Cregg

Delicatessen by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Europa by Lars Von Trier

Fargo by Joel Coen

Gone Baby Gone by Ben Affleck

High Fidelity by Stephen Frears

In Bruges by Martin McDonagh

Jackie Brown by Quentin Tarantino

Kramer Vs. Kramer by Robert Benton

Lolita by Stanley Kubrick

Mirror, The by Andrey Tarkovskiy

No Man’s Land by Danis Tanovic

On The Waterfront by Elia Kazan

Primer by Shane Carruth

Queen, The by Stephen Frears

Royal Tenenbaums, The by Wes Anderson

Shallow Grave by Danny Boyle

This Is England by Shane Meadows

United States of Leland, The by Matthew Ryan Hoge

Volver by Pedro Almodóvar

Wonder Boys by Curtis Hanson

X2 by Brian Singer

Y Tu Mamá También by Alfonso Cuarón

Zodiac by David Fincher


19 responses to “My Cinematic Alphabet

    • Yeah, it’s fun ! Can’t help but think that if I’d done this another day or something it might be completely different! Except for a few letters there’s so much to choose from that your mood affects it so much.

    • I’m with you, Jenni. There’s plenty on here I haven’t heard of. A couple that I have but just didn’t like (Royal Tenenbaums). I might have to get in on this as well in the next couple of days.

      Some very nice ones on this list, though. Fargo, Gone Baby Gone, Jackie Brown, On the Waterfront. All good choices. I love High Fidelity. In Bruges is another good one. Kramer vs Kramer is a classic. X2 and Zodiac I enjoyed. And very good call on Wonder Boys. I love that movie. It’s pretty awesome.

  1. Ooh, sexy list. I particularly like Amores Perros, Delicatessen, Fargo, Gone Baby Gone, In Bruges, Kramer vs Kramer, The Royal Tenenbaums, Volver and Zodiac

    • Seriously, it is so amazing. Michael Chabon’s books are really the best, if you haven’t yet you should check f.e. The Escapist out; it’s one of my top 10 books.

  2. Sweet Alphabet in Movies with a nice eclectic list of movies. I’ve been pondering whether to make one but yea, I don’t know ahah ;)

  3. Very nice! I’d forgotten about “No Man’s Land” after long meaning to check it out.

  4. It’s always nice seeing someone’s list of cinematic alphabet! Lots of movies I haven’t heard here, but we do share a few in common: The Queen & X-Men. I really respect Gone, Baby, Gone, an impressive debut from Affleck. Oh look at how cute Ewan McGregor is in that Shallow Hall photo and man, that guy never ages!

  5. This is a really unique list. I like it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment on Un Prophete. Your site is great! I have added you to my blogroll!

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