My 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies

“Oh this is on …” “It’s not that I like it but there’s nothing else on tv at the moment…” “… F to the monday-to-friday M, this is awesome!”

Everyone has those films that they’re too embarrased to admit they like, because well, they suck. Still we watch them over and over again, and in a way for us they’ve reached a classic status. Here’s a few of mine.

The Mask (1994)


It’s very quotable in a ‘if-you-want-to-be-seen-as-a-dork’ kind of way. It completes the Jim Carrey mid-90’s trifecta of awesomness : The Mask – Dumb & Dumber – Ace Ventura : Pet Detective. It’s smoking!

Con Air (1997)

Put… the bunny… back… in the box.

For a film where most of the scenes are dedicated to Nicholas Cage’s hair weave blowing in the wind, Con Air is pretty epic. The cheesiest lines with some hardcore actors playing sleazbag characters with a twist of American pride – Voilà!

Fifth Element (1997)

Leeloo: Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass.
Korben Dallas: Yeah.
Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.
Korben Dallas: Yeah, multipass, she knows it’s a multipass. Leeloo Dallas. This is my wife.
Leeloo: Mul-ti-pass.

It has characters called Korben Dallas, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, DJ Ruby Rhod and Leeloo. It’s directed by the Besson. It’s ridiculous, and amazing!

Snakes on a Plane (2006)

Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!

There’s really not a thing wrong with this film. There are snakes on a plane. Samuel L. Jackson will kill the snakes. Also, mobsters and assassins are involved! And I have a girl crush on Julianna Margulies.

The 40-year-old Virgin (2005)

David: You know how I know you’re gay? You have a rainbow bumper sticker on your car that says, “I like it when balls are in my face.”
Cal: That’s gay?

TBH this might be my favourite comedy ever, it still cracks me up after 10 views. It’s offensive, rude, charming, childish and I’ve never liked a comedy as much.


30 responses to “My 5 Guilty Pleasure Movies

      • If you ever decide to watch it, do so with a certain attitude: There’s gonna be lots of blood and boobs. And blood on boobs. Believe me, at the beginning I was ready to bail, but somehow I got hooked. Maybe it was a sort of a “ooo, car accident, ooo I’m really not interested but ooooo I WANNA watch”-thing. Guilty as charged.

      • Yeah I think you’ve sold me on the idea of watching it TBH haha, it seems like a good summer movie. Like when your brain is melting from the heat and you can’t take anything too serious ! : – D

    • Oldman is the best.
      But TBF to anyone who didn’t know the film (or Besson for that matter) and only saw glimpses / screenshots of 5th would probably think of it as a b-grade sci-fi spoof, thats how crazy it looks to me.

      • Might be true, yes; the Jean-Paul Gaultier outfits could cause a fit to anyone ill-prepared and it feels and looks almost like a definitive B-film ^_^.

        Or… maybe one shouldn’t judge stuff based on a few glimpses. It’s a scifi classic!

        P.S. Oldman is _the_ best ^_~.

  1. I wouldn’t consider The 40-Yr Old Virgin a guilty pleasure. There is no need to feel guilty about one as it’s a pretty solid comedy after all. Some of my guilty pleasures include The Rock and 13 Going on 30. Ahum…

    • Fair enough. For me though I always give peope who like kind of teenagey-fart-sex-fag comedies so much shizzle that me admitting that it’s one of my favourites kind of makes it a guilty pleasure.

      The Rock, really : – D Nice one.

      • I’m with Castor on 40 year old virgin and probably add the 5th element to the same category. I don’t like it but it feels way more accepted than Snakes on a plane for example.

  2. Catherine Keener and Kat Dennings make “The 40 Year Old Virgin” a classic for me.

    And Con Air. Very quotable. ‘And what does that rock stand for?’ ‘It’s just a rock.’ Or the prisoner who tattoos roses on himself whenever he rapes someone, and he dies.

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  4. I didn’t know I was supposed to feel guilty about liking half of these lol. Honestly though, I wouldn’t consider half of these guilty pleasures.

    The Mask: I liked when I was younger, but that phase is over and it’s not something I revisit anymore.

    Con-Air: I enjoyed that movie well enough. Again though it’s not a movie I just love and like to revisit a lot. I thought it was an average popcorn-ish flick that served its purpose.

    Fifth Element: That’s a fun movie, don’t dog it :P

    Snakes on a Plane: I hated that so much. It was horrible.

    40 Year Old Virgin: I don’t see any reason to feel guilty about that one. I thought that was a very good comedy. I, like you, would probably put that as one of my favorite comedies.

    On a side note, if you like 40 Year Old Virgin, you’d probably enjoy Grandma’s Boy (if you haven’t seen it).

    On that note, I’m not really sure if I have any guilty pleasures. There’s definitely no movie I have that I try to hide that I liked it to any degree. There are probably plenty average/cliche-ridden movies that I enjoyed for a watch as a popcorn flick, but at the same time didn’t fall in love with them and I still realize how mediocre they are.

    On a even further to the side note lol…me and my friends still play the “You know how I know you’re gay?” game every once in a while lol 40 Year Old Virgin is definitely one we quote from time to time.

    • I guess having a guilty pleasure is a subjective thing. Not everyone feels guilty about listening to Justin Bieber (they should though).

      For me Con Air is one because I always dog Nicolas Cage as being dogshit awful and the film is pretty much centered around his ego, hair and patriotism. For me 40 Year Old Virgin is one because I always dog American comedies about sex and other “low-grade” topics as idiotic. Fifth Element because I’m very picky when it comes to sci-fi and for me it has all the characteristics that I would usually hate (a model in a lead, Bruce Willis, Luc Besson, psychedelic scenery), I’m more of a fan of realistic science fiction. Snakes on a Plane because it is a terrible movie, but in it’s hidiousness it becomes awesome. The Mask because well … it’s The Mask.

      • Yes, definitely subjective. I actually like Nic Cage so I have no problem in that area. “Low-grade” humor is fine when done right.

        I will agree Snakes on a Plane is a terrible movie….period lol.

        I probably have some guilty pleasures. Just none I can think of right now. Maybe something like Biodome or Encino Man or Smokin’ Aces of Son of the Mask or maybe a handful of teen movies. Of course, again, none of these are anything I just really really enjoy. Just that I know are crap but still find some entertainment in.

        Of course, there’s a lot more that I know were critically panned that I actually do enjoy. But these I don’t feel guilty about…cause I just think the critics were wrong…yes all of them lol Boondock Saints is one of the biggest for me in that category. People hate that movie, I love it and not afraid to admit it….and tell them they’re wrong for hating it of course lol

  5. Yes, yes and yes. Anything with Jim Carrey is fine by me…Con air is the ultimate movie, seen it many times and always just as entertaining, let’s not forget Cage’s hair…5th Element is one of the best movies ever, not even a guilty pleasure in my books…

  6. Oh I love Con Air too, even though it’s generally not my cup of tea at all. Another Nic Cage movie that’s one of my guilty pleasures is Face/Off. The Mask is a hoot, one of the earlier Jim Carrey movies I enjoyed before he annoyed the heck out of me. Cameron Diaz never looked so good.

  7. Ha! Interesting choices, and I can see why you would find each one a guilty pleasure. I can relate to Con Air and The Fifth Element, the latter which is truly bloody awful, but I aways watch it when it’s on. :-)

    • I was surprised by so many defending The Fifth Element, and there not being anything to feel guilty about ! I mean it’s kitsch meets camp meets Besson (who really isn’t everyone’s cuppa).

  8. As most people have said above The Fifth Element is much better than a guilty pleasure. Kind of like Galaxy Quest or ID4 me thinks.

    I like that the Mask is on here as with, well, anything with Nic Cage:) But I agree with you about 40 Year Old Virgin. I own it and while I won’t ever get it off my shelf to put it on, however I will watch it in it’s entirety if it’s on TV.

    For mine, I’d have to go either Mannequin, G.I. Joe, Wasabi (that’s a Besson film that does qualify), The Wizard and Transformers 2. All are craptastic train wrecks that I can’t help but love:)

  9. I haven’t actually seen that many of these films but I do have a soft spot for Conair! Last time I saw it I actually found how great its structured.

  10. Count me as another who thinks there’s very little to feel guilty about loving The Fifth Element – it is a great film. I love its sense of absurd humour that is most definitely camp but in a way that brings a sense of fun to an over-populated genre without parodying it…more celebrating the conventions with something left-field but utterly enjoyable. Gary Oldman is marvelous, as is Bruce Willis.

    Snakes, Con Air and The Mask…now there’s a few guilty pleasures but I like them too! :)

    …my guilty pleasure, which is fresh on my mind because I saw it again recently, is the much maligned Superman III! ;)

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