Hit or Miss ? The Conspirator (2011)

All in favor …

Robert Redford, Mr. America himself, returns to the director’s chair after the 2007 Lions for Lams with The Conspirator set out for wide release in April 2011.

Continuing with his ultimately American themes (friendship, loyalty, nationhood, overcoming obstacles and betrayal, triumph) and topics (he’s previously gone through the likes of war, sports, nature and consumerist culture) with his newest he gets to the heart of the New World. Year 1865, amongst the faint foundations of democracy in post Civil War Washington, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the conspiracy behind it shocks America. The Conspirator is a courtroom drama set between the tensions of innocence and guilt, right and wrong and mother and son.

Starring the ever wonderful and often old-worldly James McAvoy (half of his oeuvre is made of period pieces) and the underrated Robin Wright for me this is a must see; for some reason I’ve been really interested in the history of the beginnings of the United States for a couple of months now, watching a bunch of documentaries and reading books about the Civil War, native Americans and George Washington. I’m pretty stocked about this, and it seems to buzzing with great performances by the likes of Kevin Kline and Tom Wilkinson, amazing character actors.

Not everyone though is a fan of the period piece, I get that. This seems more like a courtroom drama though, which is a very popular genre (at least I’m a huge fan). You guys going to catch this one or does just the trailer bore you to death?

Sic semper tyrannis.


4 responses to “Hit or Miss ? The Conspirator (2011)

  1. Probably the last time I was on the fence about a movie as I am about this one was… well, “Paul”, I guess. I’m a junkie for history, particularly American history. And the source material is really fascinating- I’ve seen a Nat. Geo. or History Channel special about it. But something about Redford’s films… they just don’t do much for me. Some actors and directors inspire you to go to the theater and make the purchase. Others do the exact opposite, and Redford is that guy for me.

    I’d hoped that Rotten Tomatoes would make it easy for me with an overwhelmingly fresh score, but as of today, it’s at 54%.

    • I see what you mean. I don’t usually get hyped up about Redford films, but the fact is that he does deliver constantly good and solid stories and characters. It’s not like he’s making the best movies ever told, but he makes film that you feel satisfied with. And nowadays even that is rare!

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