GFF Highlights : Ken Loach

I’m not a man … I am Cantona!

Ken Loach is one of the Greats of English film directing but he has been flying under the radar of wide popularity. Comparable in talent and realism to Danny Boyle, Loach often explores more political topics than his Scottish counterpart. He’s often reffered to as a naturalist and a social critic, portraying elements of inequality and politics.

His latest film, Looking For Eric, about a football fanatic, received appraise all over Europe and became an instant indie hit among selective fans. Most people probably know him (if they know him) from The Wind That Shakes The Barley, starring Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney.

I only discovered Loach recently, and am getting more excited about his work with every film. So far, Sweet Sixteen is my favourite. The gritty and real depiction of a hardknock Scottish teen struggling with his mother’s inprisonment and release. Loach’s films are often sprinkled with political agenda, which in his case isn’t a bad thing at all. The naturalistic, critical feel to his storytelling is thought provoking and often inspiring, qualities that sadly lack in most of modern day cinema.

Picture from Route Irish, Loach’s newest, that opened in Cannes, received critical acclaim, and is opening to wider audiences in the UK on the 18th of March. The film tells the story of a private security contractor in Iraq who recents the way his friend’s death has been covered up and ventures on to explore the truth.

Here’s the trailer :

A few words from the man himself at GFF :


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