Glasgow Film Festival

Looking forward to this shizzle ! Got press accreditation for Glasgow Film Festival – the fastest growing film event in the UK. They really do have some great stuff lined up this year, so if you’re in Scotland, or even in the UK, it’s definitely worth a visit. Beginning on the 17th of February, Glasgow Film Festival offers a wide variety of themes and choices, whether you’re a documentary buff, horror fan or interested in some serious drama.

Here’s a few great picks from the line-up; I’ll be covering most of these in the next few weeks.

A comic satire starring the legends that are Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu by François Ozon, one of the better French directors working today.

If you’ve ever watched the IT Crowd you should be jumping up and down about this film. Richard Ayoade’s dramedy follows a 15-year old boy with teenage dreams and teenage problems, a coming-of-age story with an eccentric twist Submarine should be a joy to watch.

Oranges And Sunshine
Already getting hyped as one of the best UK films in years, Jim Loach’s Oranges And Sunshine stars Hugo Weaving and Emily Watson in a drama about the woman who discovered one of the biggest social scandals in the UK; forced child migration.

There’s really nothing more to say than car tire serial killer = awesomeness.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D
This is why 3D was invented. An exploration into Chauvet-caves in Southern France by Werner Herzog and a looksee into to the history of man and art, this film looks and feels unbelievable.

Cell 211
Winner of a bunch of Goyas, this 2009 piece depicts a disturbing tale inside a prison through the eyes of a captured young guard and inmate leading the rebellion. I’ve wanted to see this for ages, and now I get my chance finally. Really looking forward to this one.

Other interesting picks : Submarino, Steam Of Life, Crumb and Route Irish.


5 responses to “Glasgow Film Festival

  1. Yay! I saw Rubber on Love&Anarchy Film Festival here in Finland last fall. It was hilarious! I also recommend Steam of Life! A great documentary about Finnish men and how they see their role in our society, families etc. Loved it (and cried my eyes out) ;)

  2. Rubber was funny but nothing mind-blowing, so don’t fret.
    I just got home from Berlinale and can totally recommend Submarine: the best film I saw at the festival ^_^! Had a nice little chat with Ayoade, such a nice guy and a truly aspiring film-maker.
    Enjoy the Glaswegian funness!

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