The Green Hornet (2011)

Ah The Green Hornet, the lesser known superhero, is not one you’d consider a classic, but in certain circles he is very respected as a character and entertainer. The movie adaptation of The Green Hornet has been in the works since the 1990s and now that it’s hit the screens it still seems like an outsider. It didn’t do great or really bad in the box office, the reviews were ok but not brilliant and the story’s fine, but not incredible. It still works though and is a solid, entertaining action-comedy that can be enjoyed if not too seriously taken.

In it’s genre, The Green Hornet is a a very mediocre film if you look at it objectively, there’s nothing that really stands out as a special or an extraordinary quality, but for a few reasons it’s elevated into an enjoyable movie experience.

One of those reasons is Kato (played by Jay Chou). A dead billionaire’s mechanic and personal cafétier, befriends the prodigal son Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), heir to the millions his father owned and the now the owner of the biggest newspaper in Los Angeles. Kato’s cool, intelligent and very talented when it comes to machinery; mostly cars and guns. Together this unlikely pairing start to fight crime from the inside. Christoph Waltz is the big bad baddie, drug overlord that they must define in order to free the city from his terrors and big bad baddie ways.

The second, was the atmosphere. I really enjoyed the 60’s storytelling wibe, it reminded me of the olden days of comicbook productions on the small screen. I would think that’s where director Michael Gondry got his inspiration, instead of modern action films. The director of Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind wasn’t really the obvious choice for this film, but if you’ve seen Be Kind Rewind you can kind of see the similarities in timing and the humour.

I don’t know where the jury stands on Seth Rogen as a leading male, I mean, he can get really obnoxious at points and often his verging on annoying rather than funny. But I think he does a decent job here, it’s not like Britt is supposed to be some kinf of stellar intellectual or even a gentleman but a ravaging fool, a spoiled brat with daddy issues that gets forced a financial and journalistic responsibility that he doesn’t care about. Rogen isn’t your typical superhero-type, but neither is The Green Hornet; it hides under the illusion of deviance only to turn out to be a hero and supporter of the good and just.

All in all, Christoph Waltz is creepy, Seth Rogen is a tad annoying, James Franco makes a cameo and Cameron Diaz plays a dumb blonde, but it works on some levels. It’s entertaining, occasionally laugh-out-loud and it doesn’t make you feel like you wasted a couple hours of your life.

You will like The Green Hornet if…

– you liked the 60’s Batman.
– you don’t get easily annoyed by Seth Rogen.
– Ironman is more your taste than Batman.

5 / 10


5 responses to “The Green Hornet (2011)

  1. Annoying and obnoxious are perfect adjectives to describe Rogen, or Britt in this film. First he had my sympathy as the little lost boy but that sure faded quickly. I don’t know what was Waltz thinking doing this film and his charachter was a mess! He wasn’t scary at all, just a bit confused in my opinion. Jay Chou was the only good thing in this film, but one supporting charachter does not a film make, a good one at least. What a disappointment!

  2. I thought this was the worst film I’ve seen in theatres since Prince of Persia ^_^’. I lost those hours, man.

    Utterly annoying :O There’s wasted potential everywhere (esp. Waltz, Olmos and Diaz), the whole film is off balance (esp. when it tries so desperately to reminiscent the 60s feel with Rogen’s repetitious lame-cracking). Where is Gondry? There are maybe 1 or 2 very short moments when you feel he’s on it.
    Then it’s Disney’s & Rogen’s horror ride again.

  3. I’d be interested to see this, but around here it’s only in 3D and I’m not sure if my eyes/head is made for that. Nevertheless, I like this review.

  4. Rogen’s character wasn’t all that likable, but the film did hold me over with the good laughs, and very cool action. I just wish it was better than I expected. Good Review!

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