Trailer time! Pt. 2

World Invasion: Battle La (2011)

Hailed as 2011’s District 9 (only better) World Invasion: Battle LA (aka Battle Los Angeles) is a scifi-action blast, that not only looks unbelievable, but has a stellar cast (for an action movie). Aaron Eckhart (shining in Rabbit Hole atm) takes the lead as a Staff Sergeant for the Marines when an alien invasion hits the golden shores of Los Angeles, California (and the rest of the world). With a budget to rival many, it looks like the money has gone to a very visual, gritty and realistic, well as realistic as you can go with aliens, depiction of an apocalyptic war between worlds. Opens in the UK and US March 11th, in Finland late April.

Rubber (2010)

One of the most brilliant (or ridiculous) ideas for a film ever, Rubber tells the story of car tire, that discovers his telephatic abilities to kill. Quenti Dupieux created the hilarious spoof thriller that’s opening as VOD in the US in February. Europe dates still open. Is it black?

Love (2011)

DVD-release (March) from William Eubank, Love tells the story of astronaut Lee Miller who gets caught in orbit abroad a Space Station. Depicted to the music of Angels And Airwaves Love looks like an amazing story of sanity and humanity.

The Fighter (2010)

Already showing some serious critical acclaim for acting talent, The Fighter grabbed a handful of Oscar nominations. A must-see story about family, dreams and difficulty, showing alledgedly some of the best performances of recent years by Christian Bale and Melissa Leo. Opening in the UK next weekend, and coming to Finland later this year, The Fighter is not something you want to pass.

4 responses to “Trailer time! Pt. 2

  1. I saw Rubber at Love & Anarchy last fall and it was actually really hilarious. It was so post-modern that the silly subject didn’t matter at all. I would actually love to see that movie again. DVD, where are you… :)

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