Inside The Actors Studio : Robert De Niro

Inside The Actors Studio is always a great insight into an actor’s journey from a child to a respected artist; filled with interesting details of an actors methods, films, feelings and quite a bit of humour, this episode with Robert De Niro is one of the best episodes ever.

De Niro was just awarded the Cecile B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes. He accepted the award with a controversial and .. interesting speech, making unkind and out of place remarks f.e. of the Hollywood Foreign Press and his latest film Little Fockers.


3 responses to “Inside The Actors Studio : Robert De Niro

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  2. Actors’ studio is great but the way James Lipton treats the actors with silk gloves is a bit funny.

    I used to like De Niro but I don’t understand why he wants to do those comedy roles. He’s like “look at me, I’m De Niro playing silly!” and it just doesn’t work. He was much better in serious roles.

    • Yeah it does seem a bit like he’s taking the piss doesn’t it. He’s done some dramas, but they’re all mostly B-grade cop/prisonofficer/whatever clichéd storylines. I really want to see this though, his performance it got loads of good press I hope he catches some better roles soon, his IMDB is not showing that much promise other than a couple of small indies. I guess they don’t really write THOSE movies anymore with huge transscending storylines either. All the good writers have gone into tv.

      If he wants to do comedy he should get together with the Coen’s or something.

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