My 8 Favourite Horror Films

I have to admit I like me some horror. Not all the time, but sometimes. It’s not really a popular genre per se, some people really loathe it, others don’t watch anything else, most watch the occasional blockbuster Saw XVI or teenage slasher. It’s still an interesting genre that includes some of most well known classics of all time (The Exorcist, Friday The 13th) but also torture porn, slashers, gore, horror comedy, zombie, sci-fi .. the list goes on. (I’m not including here the ‘serialkiller, verging on horror, psychological thrillers’ like Se7en, Silence Of The Lambs or Funny Games, just because I adore that genre and don’t really see it under the umbrella of ‘horror’ for the now). These are my eight favourite horror flicks :

Number 8 : Shaun Of The Dead

Some people hate the horror-comedy genre, but I find it to be at it’s best, to be really really funny. But with Pegg and Frost, was there any chance Shaun Of The Dead wouldn’t be? It’s still pretty scary just because it’s all so mundane that you feel the next time you get in the shower there’s going to be a zombie waiting for you.

Number 7 : The Shining

Wendy, I’m home. The Shining is such a classic that I actually pity the fool that hasn’t seen it. Nicholson is the awesomness in this one, delivering so many classic scenes, phrases and frights that your overwhelmed in a way. Based on a novel by the King Of Horror Stephen King and directed by one of the greats, Kubrick, this really didn’t have any chance to go wrong, now did it.

Number 6 : Haute Tension

Haute Tension might be one the best slasher’s ever made, part art-house part slasher also in ways a beautiful horror with great psychological insight. First Frenchy on this list, it’s actually an interesting film, yet really gory and terrifying.

Number 5 : Zombieland

Zombieland was actually one of my favourite films of 2009 and I have a really embarrassing crush on Woody Harrelson. ‘Nuff said.

Number 4 : Martyrs

The French do it well. A gruelling viewing experience, that I’m not sure I want to repeat Martyrs has the most tought-provoking ending that I’ve seen in years. Not for the weak-hearted, but those who can get past the camouflage of the disgusting imagery, are met with an interesting commentary on religion and pain.

Number 3 : 28 Days Later…

For me Danny Boyle can do no wrong (except when it comes to Slumdog, which I thought was the lowpoint of his career). He is at his best with a minimalistic setting, a great feel and close camerawork. 28 Days Later…, a refreshingly lacking in constant gore take on the epidemic storyline, Cillian Murphy deliveres his best leading man performance.

Number 2 : Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In (Låt Den Rätte Komma In) brought a refreshing, cool and twisted take on the vampire genre. The least ‘scary’ (in the fullest meaning of the word) of this bunch, but nonetheless thrilling tale of mainly frienship, loneliness and love. Has it’s trademark Nordic slow pace and depressive feel to it, which was well received everywhere (by those who actually got to see it).

Number 1 : Alien

One of my favourite films of all time, Alien is the film that made a lot of people afraid of what’s inside them. I saw this for the first time when I was really young, and the images still haunt me. The queen of sci-fi Sigourney Weaver, the even now disgusting looking bug-based aliens, the terrors of no escape and the lingering quitness of some scenes makes this film, and a part of it’s franchise of one of the best horror (and sci-fi for that matter) films ever made.


26 responses to “My 8 Favourite Horror Films

  1. So no mention of The Thing? Rosemary’s Baby?

    I honestly don’t think in a pure horror list Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland deserve to be mentioned…

    You got some movies to catch up on sir.

    Horror is my least favourite ganre of film, but there’re are a lot of great movies you’re missing out on.

    And High Tension wasn’t my favourite movie at all.

    • If you think of a ‘general opinion’ Top 50 BEST Horror Movies List, I would say I’ve probably seen about 45 of them, including Rosemary’s Baby and The Thing. When making a favourite -enter genre here- films list (not BEST of) other things than ‘what is generally considered best / most acclaimed’ are included in the picture, like personal preference, mood when watching the film, would you watch it again, emotional connection, actors that you like etc.. I’m not sure where you got the list of all the movies I’ve ever seen? Also don’t know where you got the hostility towards a light-heartedly made favourite list.

  2. I just love the Shining! Jack Nicholson is more than terrifying in the movie! It’s one of the greatest horror movies I’ve ever seen. Those twin-girls, uh..Still gives me chills :S
    Number 2: Let the right one in is GREAT! I love the atmosphere in the movie!

  3. To be completely honest, I pretty much hated ‘Let The Right One In’. I read the book first and it really kept me awake at nights because it was at some points very chilling. I can’t even begin to describe the disappointment I felt when I watched the film, they had left all the scariest parts out! Not to mention of course the “Nordic slow pace” which I personally don’t like at all, it almost made me fall asleep 30 minutes into the movie…The chilling atmosphere of the book was completely overlooked by the film, in my opinion.

    This is obviously no disrespect toward you, I just personally didn’t like the movie adaptation one bit.

    • Haha, yeah the pace isn’t for everyone, and it took me some time to start to enjoy it in different films, but now I really appreciate it.

      Obviously, my rant earlier was just due to the fact that I got annoyed with somebody claiming that I haven’t seen certain films or enough films to make a top list (which by any standard isn’t true). Maybe I overreact, who knows haha.

  4. P.S. I completely agree with Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland though :) And The Shining is of course a classic, but I have to admit I’ve never seen Alien, which I probably should watch…

  5. Great post, I like your top lists! Even more when the subject is horror. :) I enjoy pretty much any horror movie available, yes, even the bad ones. If I had to pick only one genre to watch for the rest of my life, it would definitely be horror.

    From your list probably only The Shining would end up on my top 10, but I do like all of these!

    • Oh thank you! Horror isn’t my favourite genre but I do like it a lot from time to time, I don’t think I would be able to only watch that TBH. I hate that people judge the genre based on some clichéd teenage-starred slashers, because you find so much variation under horror. IMO it’s one the widest genres out there.

  6. Oddly I’ve seen all of these – except Alien. Many great choices and couple not-so-great-films in my opinion. For instance, 28 Days Later wasn’t my cup of tea at all. Let the Right One In and Martyrs were exceptionally good.

  7. that Haute Tension looks interesting, even if it is the 900th movie trailer in history to use a Muse song. directed by the Piranha 3D dude.. must be good. yeah, hard to look past Alien and Shining, would also throw Ringu and The Descent in there, scared the bejaysis out of me!

  8. I’m a huge horro movie fan ,O) Your list is excellent, not quite the same as mine, but that’s the point, everyone has different tastes. I couldn’t stand The Martyrs…and Alien is not horror for me, it’s one of fav scifi-movies. But anyhow, an excellent list!

  9. Great list. In fact, the only one I disagree with is The Shining, which I think is one of the most overrated horror movies ever made. Really glad to see Let The Right One In on the list. I adore that movie!

  10. I accidentally skipped the word “horror” on your post title, so at first I thought that your taste in movies was on a bit of a morbid side :). I myself am not an avid horror film buff (Ok, I don’d watch them at all), but I did see Shaun of the dead, which I love!

  11. Oh, gosh, “Martyrs!” The images from that film were in my head for hours. I was just so shaken. I felt weak… but I couldn’t go to sleep! It’s also nice to see “High Tension” on here, too. I saw it years ago but I remember really liking it. I need to watch it again soon.

  12. This is a great list. I really appreciate the inclusion of French horror, which is such a great sub-genre. Scandinavian horror has been great the last few years, too.

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  14. Nice list!! but we sure have different opinion of horror.

    I made the same list last month. None of your chosen is horrific for me, they are thrilling but not horror. Love Shaun and 28 days a lot but they do not spook me. Alien is awesome but nor horror for me.

    The shining could be crazily scarry if it sticks to the original story from the book.

    Overall, I like most of the movies. They are really thrilling and exciting.

  15. The great part about doing a list like this is that it’s YOUR personal favorites. While a few of these aren’t in my personal top eight, every one of them is an excellent film. Kudos on having Haute Tension in there, it’s one of my personal favorites as well.

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