Golden Globe Awards (2011) : The Winners

Best Film – Drama : The Social Network
Best Director : David Fincher

Yes! The unlikely pairing of Fincher and Sorkin gave birth to a film that starts to define the generation of social media. With someone else, The Social Network might have turned out to be a tragic teenage comedy, but Fincher brought with him a gritty genious that is unparallelled in his generation. He’s one of the greats, and should’ve been recognized before, but now that he has stepped in to the realm of popularity and less controversial subject matter, he got what’s been coming to him. The Social Network is a social commentary on the effects of social media; how we barely function without it, and how and why it became such a huge phenomena, but more than that it is a story about friendhip, jealousy, greed, the effects of fame, betrayal, the high life and the downfall. With a great cast, Fincher made Sorkin’s great script come alive in a way that no one excepted making 2010’s most critically acclaimed film. This was The Social Network’s night. In a month will see if the Academy agrees.

Best Film – Comedy / Musical : The Kids Are All Right

‘Surprise, surprise!’ The unfortunately weak category for a weak year in comedy, had one shining diamond, The Kids Are All Right. A great cast and smart writing brought us a refreshing story of a family that touched upon many lives and ways of life.

Best Actor – Drama : Colin Firth

The toughest category, with amazing talent, in my opinion any one of those nominated (Eisenberg, Gosling, Franco, Wahlberg) could have won, without stirring any huge controversy, but thinking career-wise Colin Firth was the frontrunner, and he delivered on that hype, being the class act he is, with an eloquate and witty speech. Most of the time, the Golden Globes Best Actor speech serves as an unofficial audition to win the Academy Award, and after tonight I don’t think there are many people that would deny Firth’s gaping lead as the likely winner in February.

Best Actor – Comedy / Musical : Paul Giamatti

The only actually Award-worthy performance in this category, Giamatti is no household name or star, but a wonderful character actor, who’s often overlooked due to his lack of covershot looks. Great guy, great actor, and the winner of the GLOBE, Giamatti made a humble and funny speech, showing what a gent he truly is.

Best Actress – Drama : Natalie Portman

Will she win the Oscar too? Yes I say! Even though Black Swan didn’t hit the award-jackpot some people thought it would (Aronofosky’s time is still a-coming), Portman deserves the win. Pregnant, clothed in Viktor&Rolf the actress cracked akward jokes about her newly-ringed fiancée, the choreographer of Black Swan. Aronofsky pulled something out of her, that she hadn’t shown before which showed us a performance of subtle transformation and journey into sanity.

Best Actress – Comedy / Musical : Annette Bening

Another favourite to cash in on the prize, Annette Bening won for her role in the adorable and real The Kids Are All Right where she plays the other part of a lesbian couple, Nic, trying desperately to keep their family together when the biological father of their kids (Ruffalo) shows up. Nominated thrice for an Oscar, Bening hasn’t always been recognized, but she is an absolute veteran and a beautiful actress.

strong>Best Supporting Actor : Christian Bale

Rocking the Jesus-look, acclaimed and extreme actor, known for the extra measures he takes whilst preparing for a role, Christian Bale won, as axpected, the Best Supporting Actor category for his role as Dickie Eklund in The Fighter. Giving props to Mark Wahlberg, he praised Wahlberg’s stoic character (deservingly recognised as well by the HFPA) for balancing his ‘loud’ portrayal of a fighter. Shoe in for the Academy Award.

Best Supporting Actress : Melissa Leo

The Fighter shone in the acting departement; Leo and Adams were both probable winners, but Leo took the limelight tonight with a whimful and adorable speech, yet again hailing Wahlberg (he’s grown into a serious talent that guy; I know most people remember him as a douche). Can’t wait to see The Fighter.

Best Screenplay : Aaron Sorkin – The Social Network

Starting the triumphous night for The Social Network, Sorkin was in great company. He won because he created multilayered characters based on real people, that were believable and relatable. He won because he made scenes that were complex and nerdy and people typing seem like the most exciting thriller ever. He won because he was one of the driving forces behind this year’s Award hogger. After this, there was no doubt in my mind who would win Best Director and Film.

Best Foreign Language Film : In A Better World

Way to go Denmark! Hævnen won best Foreign Language Film, ‘the award no-one in America cares about’ (haha loved Gervais). It’s a story of family, friendship, childhood and it’s all so very hard (a recurrent theme in Nordic cinema).

Biggest Surprises of the Night :

Robert DeNiro’s acceptance speech for the Cecile B. DeMille award (Funny and weird, a bit akward and inappropriate).

Chris Colfer’s win for Glee.

Inception’s downfall both in the lack of nominations and wins.

When the curtain falls… :

That’s it ! Awards-season has kicked off, and it did so with a punch. Ricky Gervais was rude and hilarious as always, there were some cut-offs, some mistakes. There was the girl who was there only for her looks (Megan Fox); Michael Douglas’ standing ovation with a hilarious comeback of ‘There must be something easier to get one’; Garfield’s and Eisenberg’s boyish wonderings, two veteran actors who finally are getting rewarded properly for their work; the hilarious and borderline inappropriate things Robert Downey Jr. had to say about the Actresses in the Comedy/Musical category; goodlooking men in tuxes; beautiful women in dresses; a celebration of the genius work of Robert DeNiro; the emotional French-accented speech by the director of Carlos; Halle Berry; Tom Hanks and of course the other amazing actors, actresses, directors, producers and writers of the best cinema and television of 2010.


7 responses to “Golden Globe Awards (2011) : The Winners

  1. Ah, jealous! Have to watch the actual show somewhere online later tonight ^_~.
    Aronofsky pulled something unprecedented out of Portman = well put! I reckon you’ll like The Fighter – crowdpleaser with a heart, though compared with The Social Network and Black Swan, it only deserves the acting awards.

  2. I really want to see Colin Firth win this year’s Oscar! Playing a stammer isn’t an easy job at all……I am going to see Black Swan. Will this a film a quantum leap for Natalie Portman? Then most probably she has Aronofsky to thank for.

  3. This year I managed to watch quite a bit of films that were nominated so I tuned in to watch. Absolutely thrilled that Bale won, he was really phenomenal in The Fighter and so was Melissa Leo. I’m glad that the two most-deserving actors in that movie won. I was also rooting for Colin Firth, I hope he and Bale go home with Oscars this year.

  4. I wasn’t surprised with the movie winners. The most surprising for me was when GLEE won as best comedy. (Season 1 was great, Season 2 lacks oomph and is floundering.) Umm… where’s the MODERN FAMILY love?

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