Hit or Miss? Paul (2011)

2010 was a dire year for comedy, but as for now 2011 is looking so much better. One of the best comedy duos working today, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (they’ve done one of my favourite comedies together, Hot Fuzz) are back this year with Paul, an adult E.T., in which two geeks travel to Area 52 to find aliens. And they find one, Paul.

A great line up, including Seth Rogen as the voice of Paul, the hilarious Jane Lynch, Jason Bateman as an FBI agent, and the queen of sci-fi, Sigourney Weaver, for me this cannot be anything else than a hit. The genre of sci-fi comedy is not a well known one, but this could be one of it’s flagships.

P.S. Pegg and Frost listen to Max Romeo’s Chase The Devil with Paul, how great is that.


6 responses to “Hit or Miss? Paul (2011)

  1. Eek, been kind of anxious about this for a while now.. I mean, it’s Pegg & Frost, the impossibly lovable dudes from “Spaced” and “Shaun of the Dead”! But then again, there’s a CGI alien throwing jokes at them? D:

    … I guess I just have to have more faith. I mean, with Lynch, Bateman and OH YES queen of scifi/horror Weaver on it there must be something good in it. Right? ^_^”

  2. Although I really like the cast, the jokes seem fairly weak. I cannot tell whether they are trying to appeal to adults or kids with this trailer.

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