Best Films of 2010 : November and December

November/December Winner : Black Swan

I just want to be perfect.

Intense and powerful, Aronofsky‘s Black Swan, delivered on all the hype surrounding it. Great performances, intense feelings and _that_ scene, all made for one of the most interesting films of the year. A career high for both Portman and Kunis, rival balet dancers in a complicated ‘relationship’ that brings them both into the edges of sanity. Sprinkled with surrealism and passion for dance, Black Swan will probably grant those involved nominations all around.

Look out for this review in the next couple of days. I savoured every minute of this visual masterpiece.

Best bits: Aronofsky’s raw style, the visuals, Natalie Portman’s and Mila Kunis’ devotion.

I’m reluctant to do these two months properly yet, since the following releases are coming up :

The Fighter (Christian Bale’s the frontrunner for The Best Supporting Male.)

Blue Valentine (A role Ryan Gosling worked on for ages, probably going to grant him his second Oscar nod, proving that he’s the finest actor of his generation.)

127 Hours (Boyle’s and Franco’s interesting premise, with a raved about performance of gruelling stregth.)

King’s Speech (Firth’s moving performance as George VI, the traditonally motivated choice for The Best Male Lead.)

Somewhere (Sofia Coppola’s newest try to capture the magic found in Lost In Translation.)

Biutiful (When a beautiful man, Bardem, and a beautiful director, Iñárritu come together what can it be other than Biutiful.)

So far Black Swan has absolutely hit the mark. Look out for reviews of these in the coming weeks. I for one, cannot wait to see these and curse the system that allows Europe to wait for these amazing Awards Season films.


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    • I know, It’s really annoying especially with the Awards Shows and such, when you can’t really say your opinion without speculating based on other people’s opinions etc.

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