Best Films of 2010 : September

September Winner : Never Let Me Go

Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.

This was a really tricky month, since there were so many good films coming out to begin the most fruitful season of cinema, Autumn. But for me, Never Let Me Go wins by a hair’s length.

2010’s An Education, with a Sci-Fi twist and the breakthrough male actor of the year Andrew Garfield, this film didn’t get the attention it should have. An amazing story is the center here, and the actors make it come alive in a special way. And Keira Knightley is for once tolerable and less pouty. Hasn’t come out in the UK yet, but will in January 2011, this is worth seeing and now titled best of September 2010.

Best bits: Kazuo Ishiguro‘s story, Andrew Garfield.

September Runner-Up : Buried

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For the premise alone, Buried was the film I was looking forward to; a man captured inside a coffin for a Feature-length film. The realisation of this simple idea would be tricky, how do you keep the tensions high and the plot interesting with a single space and a single actor. Ryan Reynolds does the best role of his career, and makes you live with him every claustrophobic second. The execution alone earns this film a place among the Best of 2010.

Best bits: The panic.


3 responses to “Best Films of 2010 : September

  1. Buried truly deserved to be mentioned. Just watched it and I was also amazed how they good the execution of this concept actually was. Although I thought that the plot was maybe a bit too unbelievable at some points.

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