Best Films of 2010 : October

October Winner : The Social Network

If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you’d have invented Facebook.

Even though I can’t see the Social Network being an Oscar-grabber, it is very possible that I am wrong since the Academy Awards have been trying to revitalize themselves in the past years, trying to become more youthful and include new genres and a wider range in their nominations. Fincher is absolutely one of my favourite directors, and I hope he will be recognised as the guy who made this film special; it could’ve gone horribly wrong and teenage-comedyesque. His previous films are mostly included in my personal top 50, and I truly think that he hasn’t even scratched the surface yet.

Jesse Eisenberg is really great as the socially inept and spiteful (or is he a misunderstood genius?) Mark Zuckerberg that invents the phenomena that changed the way we communicate forever, Facebook. After the invention of the internet (and maybe blogging) it is probably the most revolutionary thing that has happened in many people’s lives in the realm of communication (how sad is that haha). And to repeat myself from the last month’s winner, Andrew Garfield had a great year. He has the possibility by picking great roles to become one of the biggest young actors around. He totally outshone his fellow Justin Timberlake (who was really campaining hard to get nominated this Awards Season).

Best bits: Eisenberg, Garfield, Fincher. It’s the people and creative minds that make this film. The adaption is awesome!


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