Best Films of 2010 : July

July Winner : Inception

You remind me of someone… a man I met in a half-remembered dream. He was possessed of some radical notions.

In my opinion the best film of the year, Inception might be stumbling on it’s popularity. Shooting straight to number 6 on the IMDB 250 list kept everyone buzzing for months after seeing it. It rouse up strong emotions and definitely a crowd pleaser, whether for better or worse. I had been waiting for this film for years, ever since I heard Nolan would be writing his own script, working with DiCaprio, and I was definitely not dissapointed. The teaser trailers all through the year, kept me intriguided, and this most anticipated film of the year, for me, delivered on all of it’s promises.

Shooting actors into new levels of fame, Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy and even DiCaprio made the best decisions of their lives to believe in this film, without seeing the whole script and playing by hand. It’s only the start of awarsseason but Inception has gotten the nods it deserves, but I think it has a fair chance of winning the Academy Award for Best Film.

Best bits: Christopher Nolan, the antigravity scene, the look of the dreamworld, Marion Cotillard.

July Runner-Up : The Kids Are All Right

I feel like he’s taking over my family!

A lovely depiction of a ‘modern family’, The Kids Are All Right avoids the biggest clichés and delivers a refreshing collaboration of parenthood and family ties. All the actors (Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo) give great performances and have amazing chemistry. This mixed in with the sharp writing, gave us this summer’s breezy hit that brightened up the otherwise bleak landscape of bad action-comedy.

Best bits: The writing, the chemistry between Moore‘s and Ruffalo‘s characters.


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