Best Films of 2010 : June

June Winner : Winter’s Bone

You were warned, but you didn’t listen. Why didn’t you listen?

A powerful suspense film, Winter’s Bone kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. The scenery, the people, the story all boils down to a missing father and a daughter (Jennifer Lawrence) who’s desperately looking for him, not knowing how deep she’s gotten herself into.

Lawrence, a 20 year old from Louisville, Kentucky, gives an absolutely perfect, subtle performance which I hope will be noticed this Awards season. Her performance is what drives the film, but the story doesn’t lack far behind; a powerful ending, with poweurful emotions is coming up. For some, used to fastpaced film, might feel slow, but I adored the pace and slow build-up. Best of June 2010!
Best bits: Jennifer Lawrence, the atmosphere, the barscenes.

June Runner-Up : Toy Story 3

So long… partner.

The’re back. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Toy Story, not even as a kid. I watched this recently and did finally get what the fuzz is about, it’s heartwarming, funny, for both kids and adults. No wonder Pixar is trying to pumb this up to the ‘Best Feature Film’ category in the Academy Awards, instead of getting the ‘Best Animation’ consolation price.

I loved some of the moments in this, priceless. Barbie and Ken falling in love, Woody’s heartfelt farewell and the voice-acting is great, I would like to see Tom Hanks doing something really great again actually on-screen. I did really really like it, but won’t go into the ‘Best Film Of The Year’ thing, because I just don’t think so. It’s lovely and great, but closer to the Top 20 than Top 5.
Best bits: The jokes, Barbie & Ken, Tom Hanks.


2 responses to “Best Films of 2010 : June

  1. I really need to see Winter’s Bone! Have been curious about all the kudos I’ve been hearing. But glad to see you put TS3 on here, definitely one of the best of the year!

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