Best Films of 2010 : May

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, I did! Now it’s time to move on in the Best Films of 2010 countdown, and we’ve reached springtime and I’m sad to say I don’t feel comfortable assigning any releasedate the honor of being in the top of the year. The closest one would’ve been Looking for Eric, which was released in the US in May, I can’t really claim it to be a 2010 film. Iron Man YOU LOSE.

The month that gave us Sex And The City 2, Robin Hood (which I thought was better than most people said, but not great enough to reach best of the year), Prince Of Persia : The Sands Of Time and Ironman 2, we got massive productions, zero quality.

2 responses to “Best Films of 2010 : May

  1. Oh, was April *that* bad? None of those are my favourites either (although I have not seen Robin Hood). Looking for Eric was nice but hey it was released even in Finland already on dvd before its release in the US!

    • Yeah, I totally stand by this; if you can figure out one that I maybe haven’t seen then I might change my mind but even though I liked Robin Hood, it just doesn’t measure up compared to other winners, so decided not to include any in this list :—) I doubt any April film will be on a Top-list this year, unless it’s the worst films of the year haha :D

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