Best Films of 2010 : April

April Winner : Kick-Ass

Fuck this shit, I’m getting the bazooka!

Kickass is in the Top 5 of the year, no doubt. Funny, smart, different, with great quotes (!!), this film is entertainment at it’s best. Gives the comicbook-based genre a new twist, which it needed badly. With great characters and a surprisingly funny guest starring from Nicholas Cage, Kickass absolutely deserves to be best of April, and I wouldn’t blame someone for saying best of the year.

Best bits: Hit Girl and Big Daddy, MCLOVIN! and the final fight scene.

April Runner-Up : Exit Through The Gift Shop

I used to encourage everyone I knew to make art; I don’t do that so much anymore.

First feature-film by the cult artist Banksy, Exit Through the Gift Shop delivers what it promises, it’s the world’s first ‘street art disaster movie’. Banksy‘s style is clear throughout the film and for his fans is absolutely worth seeing, but for someone who doesn’t know his work, an absolute treat anyway.

Best bits: The artwork.


7 responses to “Best Films of 2010 : April

  1. This is one of the movies from 2010 which I have wanted to see for such a long time but haven’t had a chance to watch yet. I really liked Aaron Jonhson in “Nowhere Boy” and I would love to see him in this one because this probably differs a lot from Nowhere Boy!

    Great blog, btw! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (:

  2. Loved both Kick Ass and Exit Through The Gift Shop which I only saw a few days ago. Quite surprised that Kick Ass had such mixed results critically and at the box office.

  3. Ahh, Kick-Ass~. It was so much fun, but I’m afraid to watch it again. It might take only a couple of viewings..
    I’m quite envious of you, you saw Banksy’s doc already in April :_:! I hope it’s coming to DocPoint Helsinki next month.

    Aaron Johnson was definitely the most delicious geek ever, yup.

  4. I just caught KICK-ASS on Blu-Ray a few weeks ago, and I LOVED it! Some critics did pan it (Roger Ebert just couldn’t get past the scenes with Hit-Girl, which he found ‘morally reprehensible’), but taken for what it is, the film is a lot of fun.

    I hope to catch EXIT sometime soon.

      • Absolutely. The movie is, after all, based on a comic book!

        Also, I’m not sure why it isn’t ‘morally reprehensible’ when an adult murders someone…just a little girl. I like Ebert, but he just couldn’t get past Hit-Girl’s actions, so his overall criticism seems a bit narrow to me (he even hinted that he enjoyed the opening scenes, before Hit-Girl made an appearance)

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