Best Films Of 2010 : March

March Winner : How To Train Your Dragon

My name’s Hiccup. Great name, I know. But it’s not the worst. Parents believe that a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls. Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn’t do that.

How To Train Your Dragon is in my eyes the best animation of the year (yes I am aware of Toy Story 3); this Dreamworks production is one of the best visual experiences of the year, and has a heartwarming story, that includes Vikings (who doesn’t like Vikings?). I think it’s the best ‘children’s’ film that’s come out in ages and thoroughly enjoyed it, just like I enjoyed Schrek when it first came out. Why the Vikings are Scottish I don’t know, but it gives the film a fun edge, and the voices are really on the nose. Endearing, loveable and fun HTTYD earns Best of March. (It wasn’t the best of months for quality cinema .. *cough* The Killing Jar, The Bounty Hunter, Our Family Wedding *cough*)

Best bits: Craig Ferguson as Gobber, the dragons.

March Runner-Up : Greenberg

Ivan Schrank: Youth is wasted on the young.
Roger Greenberg: I’d go further. I’d go: ‘Life is wasted on people

As I said before, March wasn’t the best film-month this year, but Greenberg was a nice, refreshing dramedy about a guy, Roger (Ben Stiller), who moves to LA to reinvent himself and his life. Whilst there he meets his brothers assistant, Florence, who he finds to be extremely intriguing. This movie kind of slipped by many people, as it wasn’t the most flamboyant or special, but it has a genuine sweetness to it that seperates it from others in it’s genre.

Ben Stiller gives a nice performance and Rhys Ifans is his usual weird self, the film is carried by the interesting characters and actors and witty writing. It might not be the most memorable of films, but it has a realness to it that really gives insight into the everyday. The ultimate anti-romantic comedy.

Best bits: Greta Gerwig as Florence, depiction of mundane life and the pessimism.


5 responses to “Best Films Of 2010 : March

  1. I just watched HTTYD not too long ago and I absolutely loved it! I agree that this was the best children’s animation this year. It was so funny, adorable, heartwarming and oh ma god the dragons really were amazing! I want one :D Plus, I loved Gerard Butler as the voice of Hiccup’s father!

  2. I still have not seen How to train your dragon… damn. In my list Toy Story 3 is the best animation of the year, but as I said, I have not seen this one.

    Greenberg was also nice one. Pity it did not come to theatre at all in Finland and was only released on dvd last summer.

  3. Hi Anna, thanks for your comment on my blog. I’ll be sure to visit your blog often now that I’ve discovered you. I adore HTTYD, definitely a fitting winner for March. In fact, I can’t decide between this and TS3 as to which one I love more.

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