Best Films of 2010 : February

February Winner : Shutter Island

This is mental institution, Marshall, for the criminally insane. Usual isn’t a big part of our day.

Scorsese has started to hit the same stride with DiCaprio as with DeNiro, and together they bring us the finest psychological dramas, Shutter Island being no exception. Bumped up to 2010, Shutter Island is what one might call a ‘mindfuck’ film, but even if you guess the ending it will leave you satisfied nonetheless.

Placed in the 50’s the film is a great period-piece as well as a timeless classical drama. Anyone who has any interest knows how Scorsese builds the suspense out of the characters, and here he adds some Hitchcockian thriller elements to the mix which brings the movie extra flavour.

Best bits: Jackie Earle Haley as George Noyce (great character actor), Scorsese’s direction.

February Runner-Up : The Crazies

Don’t ask me why I can’t leave without my wife and I won’t ask you why you can.

The Crazies earns it’s place on this top list by being the best pure horror film of the year. Mixing action, drama and classical suspense horror with some grafic imagery, it doesn’t feed on the gore which most films in this genre nowadays do. A sophisticated take on the usual formula of a mysterious toxin making people crazies, the film has an eery feel to it, actually good acting and great suspense.

Best bits: Timothy Oliphant, the make-up, Johnny Cash’s We’ll Meet Again opening the film.


4 responses to “Best Films of 2010 : February

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with what you said about Shutter Island. What a great movie, and yes, a “mindfuck”. Hmm, I should actually watch that again soon…

    Haven’t seen The Crazies yet, I’m terrible at watching pure horror movies, yet I’m still extremely intrigued by this film. Maybe I should just gather all my courage and watch it?! :D

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